5 ways to motivate students to increase concentration in studies

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Need for motivating students

The educational sector faced considerable change, when online education became the only mode of education for the students. As the covid-19 situation worsened, It became more and more important for the educational Sector to have a better understanding of how the students were being affected.

The sudden start of online education made it difficult for students to cope with the changes made in the way learning was being provided to them. The traditional method of education, Changed completely to an online method of education with the online platform to sell courses online becoming the only way to help teacher and student communicate with each other.

The major issue that was increased by the students included not having a complete understanding as to how it worked or how they will be assessed in the classroom. Moreover,  as a result of financial disparity being present amongst the students, it became difficult for them to have access to technical devices such as that of Smartphones so that we can easily take part in online education.

Each of these factors had a significant negative impact on the minds of the students thereby causing them to lose motivation. Motivation is considered to be an essential part of the student’s learning because it is considered to be an important predictor when it comes to learning and achievement. It has been found that students who have the ability to stay motivated have the ability to perfect longer and become more efficient as well as perform better in the classrooms. Considering the suspect that has been the development of several platforms to create and sell online courses with a major objective is to teach children how to motivate themselves so that they can perform better in the classroom.

Ways to motivate students

Motivation is considered to be an important part of education as it provides students with direction and how to become more efficient in the classroom and continue performing effectively. The following section highlights the different methods that can be undertaken so that students can be motivated further.

  • Of the first steps that can be undertaken by the educators to motivate the students in words encouraging them to undertake self reflection. It has been found that by self -reflection it becomes possible for students to have a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses and why they are unable to feel motivated. having understanding of their strengths and weaknesses makes it easier for them to find effective strategies through which motivation can be developed.
  •  it is the responsibility of the teachers to work towards creating a sleep learning environment where the students can easily talk about the issues they may be facing and clear the doubts they may be having in the studies. In this way it becomes possible for the students to easily achieve their educational objectives and thereby feel more confident and motivated.
  • It is important that students always work towards providing positive feedback and threats to the students rather than being able to achieve any task effectively and in the correct manner. The previous provided by the teachers help increase the motivation of the students and thereby pushes them towards being more positive.
  • Another major step that can be undertaken by the teachers is making activities fun for the students. often students may feel constricted when the same activities are being conducted over and over again. Therefore, if the activities need to be fun and interesting for the students it will be easier for them to overcome the challenges they may have and easily achieve their objectives. It is because of this reason that as activities are made to be more fun the students also feel more motivated.
  • When students are provided with a set of objectives it becomes easier for them to develop a strong direction as to how to achieve these objectives. On achieving each objective the students feel motivated and thereby enable to increase their self-confidence.


It can thereby be concluded that motivation is an important component that needs to be achieved by each and every student so that they can become more efficient and can work towards achieving their educational objectives. Therefore it is the responsibility of the educators and educational institutions to work towards helping students feel motivated.