5Lifestyle Rules to Live by – for Happiness and Health

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Life seems full of choices, and “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”  is a popular refrain. It points to a life choice that seems to signify that you either live a healthy or happy life. But why does it have to be that way? Why must we choose in the first place? What if we could have a good time and a long time too?

Well, you’ll be pleased to find out that this is entirely possible. In fact, the fate of your health and happiness appears to be intertwined. If that seems appealing to you, you’ll want to read on because, as it turns out, your dream life is only a few habits away. Let’s find out what those are.

1) Work on your friendships

Commit yourself to meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime. Building these relationships takes time and effort. However, the investment can pay off big time. You’ll be rewarded with some of the most beautiful moments. These friends share your good times and are the ones you can turn to whenever you experience pain, trauma, or difficulty. In the beginning, you might even feel you’re taking advantage of your friends’ generosity. However, you will realize that friendship is a mutually beneficial support system. These support systems can end up pulling you through the worst of times, which is why many people without positive support systems can turn to substance abuse for temporary relief. If you’ve already gone down this path, please know that you deserve a good life, and reach out to qualified services, such as Delphi Behavioral Health Group, for help with addiction.

2) Create a safe space for yourself

Do you know what makes you feel safe? You’re probably thinking about it right now. To be sitting on your writing desk, right? Or your digital scrapbook, perhaps? If that’s the case, you’re already ahead of most people. When you create a peaceful space that is yours and yours alone, it becomes your fortress. In other words, this is where things can happen to you which are safe and beneficial. For example, your body can be given the security to heal itself. Your mind will become clearer so that you can easily make more choices.

This rule applies to physical spaces too. Find a private spot in your home or a secluded one in a small cafe. Associate it with safety and love, and cling to it in harsh times. Studies show that 33.7 percent of (3 in every 10) Americans have an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Creating a space where you are safe and free from triggers will make a huge difference. Your private heaven can be as simple as a bench hidden in the bushes in a nearby park.

3) Never lose touch with your inner child

You may have heard the term “adulting,” which means you are assuming the role and responsibilities of a grown-up. But no matter how many degrees or certifications you have under your belt, you will never grow up as long as you don’t do what your inner child needs from time to time.

The inner child is the part of our being that seeks play and adventure and loves to explore the world. It’s our original self, the one we used to be when we first learned about our bodies and how best to take care of them. With its love for exploration comes the freedom to take risks without fear of consequences. But as we get older, we’ve been taught to be less playful and more serious, which makes a big difference in the quality of our lives.

You can have the best of both worlds by remaining true to yourself while keeping your responsibilities. Stop thinking about what the people around you will think, and do what you feel like doing so long as you don’t hurt anyone, no matter how childish it seems. Grab that pack of 56 colors, wear the glittery unicorn shirt you’ve been hiding, and paint to your heart’s content. Laugh brightly and play goofily. Buy a whole cake and invite your friends instead of eating it yourself.

4) Find fun ways of living healthily

The most powerful thing we can do to stay healthy is to find ways to make healthy things fun. One of the best ways to do this is by getting in touch with how our bodies feel when given the amount of exercise we need and when we eat foods that are good for us. So, how does that work? Well, let’s say, for instance, you’re a runner. Suppose you simply work out as you usually would at the gym and try to hit your fitness targets. In that case, you will not stick around long — unless you enjoy the exercise or get satisfaction from it. So this is where having fun comes into play.

Schedule weekly dance parties with your friends. Race your brother to the car. Join swimming classes or start boxing. Try healthy foods every day, if only to rank them based on how bad they taste. As long as you’re up and moving, enjoying life, and in a good place mentally, there’s no need to worry about health issues.

5) Surround yourself with good people

It’s hard to be happy sometimes, especially when you are busy. So why not surround yourself with people who bring out the good in you? You get to see the best parts of them and, as a result, see the best parts of yourself.

When you’re around happy people genuinely enjoying life in good times and bad, you will naturally find it easier to have that same attitude toward your own life. As a result, you’ll also be more confident about making things happen for yourself. It’s okay to have depressive episodes and feel down; that’s part of being human. But once you’re surrounded by people who are needlessly morose and cynical 24/7, it starts to rub off on you. Remember that when the world wants you to be angry, being a gentle, happy, and loving person is the greatest rebellion possible.


Being happy can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths, but it is not easy. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of what truly matters. Hopefully, these healthier ways will help you create a positive life for yourself, no matter how challenging things may seem.