Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik – Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town

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Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the Chief Executive Officer of the renowned Bahria town in Pakistan. His father is a well-known real estate developer and he inherited this passion when he was young. He grew up in an organization where he had to work hard to get what he wanted. This dedication and hard work paid off as he became the CEO of Bahria Town, Pakistan’s largest real estate development company.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has a sister. He got married in 2003. After marriage, he was relieved of his philanthropic activities and began handling a number of projects in the area. The chief of Bahria Town is also involved in social activities in the city. His Dastarkhwans distribute meals to over 150,000 people every day.

During his childhood, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik formed an idea to join his father’s business. He is now the CEO of Bahria Town, an international real estate firm. In his spare time, he pursues his passion for real estate, and works tirelessly to make it the best in the country.