All You Need To Know About Diamond Rings

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Diamond is the hardest occurring natural substance. It is the clear and colourless crystalline form of pure carbon in its natural state. Diamonds are generally polished to give them extra shine and lustre when incorporated into jewellery. Though diamond rings in New Zealand are highly demanded, the gem is not found in the country.

The most common gemstones found in New Zealand are Quartz and Garnet. It is said that the gemstones found in New Zealand are rare, beautiful, and free from defects. As this country lacks diamonds or emeralds, it doesn’t stop the public from making demands for them. The diamond rings in New Zealand are made by importing raw, uncut diamonds imported from places like Australia and Russia. Nevertheless, the demand for rings in this place never goes down. People are always looking out for rings as the concept of gifting loved ones is quite popular in this country.

Diamond rings and occasions

Engagement: It is obvious that everyone uses a ring when they get engaged. People are dying to get this precious stone on their fingers, especially when engaged, since it is an exquisite stone.

Marriage: Traditionally, people used gold rings at their weddings. Present times demand a more expensive and precious stone like the diamond to symbolise a new start to people’s lives as husband and wife.

Anniversary: Be it a first anniversary or 25 years of togetherness, everyone would like to celebrate with something special, and diamond rings seem to be the perfect gift one would like to receive.

Big birthdays: When a person turns 25, 50 or even 75, it’s a milestone. A ring with one or more diamonds would be a great symbol of how far they have come in life.

Promise ring: In recent times, promise rings have gained popularity. It is quite similar to an engagement ring. A promise ring is given to a partner as a promise to stay forever with them; what other stone than a diamond could be the best suit for this special promise.

How to choose the perfect ring?

No matter how well you know the other person, there are always certain factors one must consider before choosing an expensive diamond ring as it is a long-term investment. One of the dominant factors that influence a person’s choice is budget. If one doesn’t mind spending a huge amount on a ring, trilogy, vintage, and eternity rings are undoubtedly the best options. Solitary and Halo rings are the alternatives if you want to invest less and go for a minimalistic look. Once you decide on the type of ring, the choice is between polished and raw diamond. The stone embedded in the ring is usually polished to add shine. But a few people prefer raw diamond stones as they are a part of their culture. Be it circular square or cathedral in shape; all diamond ring makers provide you with a wide variety of choices in shape. Shapes of the oval were popular in the late 1800s and regained popularity recently.

When it comes to purchasing diamonds, lab grown diamond rings have become an increasingly popular option for their affordability and eco-friendliness. If you’re considering buying lab grown diamond rings, be sure to check out the stunning collection available at Temple & Grace

Uncut diamond: the gemstone of the future

Shine, lustre, and radiance are all considered of utmost importance in a ring. However, uncut or unpolished diamonds are gaining popularity these days as they are less expensive than polished ones. They are also extracted directly from the earth’s source without any additions. Few orthodox people consider it a gift from God as it keeps them connected to Mother Earth. Another added point is the aesthetic appeal provided by an uncut diamond.