C2C Sales: Secrets of Proper Organization

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Huge sums calculate the volume of finance in the C2C sector, and the number of transactions exceeds 100 million. And if earlier sales between private individuals were made offline, now the vast majority of transactions have moved to the Internet and are carried out through various intermediary platforms globally. Shipping from the US to Lithuania is no longer a problem if you know how to limit the transaction process appropriately.

Where Do Consumers Find Each Other?

In consumer-to-consumer e-business, people actively sell goods and data to each other. Here are some examples of C2C business platforms:

Forum pages are online platforms for conducting transactions between consumers. Ordinary individuals, not related to business, buy (sell) goods for personal use on such resources. The only problem they have is receiving money and sending parcels from the USA to Lithuania or another European country on time.

Online auctions. The exact mechanism is at work here. These are trading platforms where private consumers can buy and sell items. The C2C segment refers precisely to the parties’ interaction with similar transactions.

What Are the Pros of C2C Sales?

Here is a list of advantages:

  • Huge target audience.
  • Significant prospects for product promotion.
  • Cheap start.
  • A minimum of associated expenses.
  • Reduction of the tax burden (even to zero).
  • Highly qualified personnel is optional.
  • Clients are attracted without personal communication.
  • Cheap delivery options for regular customers.

Sales Organization

Foreign trading platforms have long thought about reliably delivering goods to customers with a guarantee. Meest is a pioneer in solving the problem and a US giant with 30 years of experience.

International courier delivery, or international express mail, is the fastest and most reliable way to deliver your parcel or documents to the recipient almost anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time without leaving your home or office. To find the delivery rules for shipping Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, or any other destination, go to https://us.meest.com/services/service/delivery-to-lithuania.

Meest carrier’s services can be used by legal entities and individuals who need fast and reliable international delivery of parcels and documents. They offer:

  • Short-term delivery of documents and packages.
  • Door-to-door delivery (from hand to hand).
  • An endless possibility of shipment tracking.

Today, consumer-to-consumer e-commerce is moving forward and improving results. With growing Internet platforms and new opportunities for shipping to Lithuania from the United States and any other country, customers’ lives are more manageable.