Choosing Eyeglasses With Frames That Can Make You Look Younger

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Finding frames that make you look youthful is a great way to ensure that the glasses you’ve chosen are flattering. Nobody wants a pair of womens prescription sunglasses that makes them look older than they actually are — but if you choose an unflattering frame shape, this can unfortunately be the result. There are a few important considerations that you should pay attention to if you want to pick frames that make you look younger, including the contrast they provide to your face, the color of the frames, and the shape of the frames. Find out how you can choose a pair that accentuates your youth and compliments your best features.

What Shape Frames Make You Look Younger?

If you’re wondering where to buy womens sunglasses that can make you look younger, you can start by looking online. Look for a trusted sunglasses retailer that has good reviews from customers — and most importantly, look for a store that has a great selection of shades. The better the selection is, the more likely it is that you’ll find a pair that’s suited to you. To find this pair, you should first consider the shape of your own face — round, oval, diamond, square or heart-shaped. You can determine this by researching the measurements associated with each and taking measurements of your own face.

You can then look for a pair of sunglasses that will provide the right fit for your face. Novelty shapes like heart-shaped frames can create a fun, young-looking effect, but of course, they aren’t for everybody. If you want a flattering look — but not one that’s too young — you should simply look for a frame shape that is dissimilar from your of face shape. This principle is effective because it creates a sense of contract and thus highlights your best features — making you look bright and youthful in the process.

Picking the Best Style for Your Face Shape

How can you know what style of men’s sunglasses are best suited to your face shape? Using the aforementioned principle of contrast, you should look for a frame shape that’s not too close to the shape of your face. If you happen to have an angular, diamond-shaped face, for example, you should probably avoid cat eye glasses or any other frames that feature pointed edges. This can make your face look pointy, too, which certainly won’t create the young-looking effect that you’re looking for. Similarly, you should avoid circular lenses if you have a round face — the similarity in shape won’t be flattering.

When it comes to sunglasses, though, the protection that they provide is far more important than the way that they look. Of course, you need to find cool shades, but you also need to ensure that they protect your eyes from the sun sufficiently. The easiest way to ensure this is to look at the sticker on the lenses — or online listing — and look for assurance that they offer 100% protection against UV rays. This will ensure that your eyes are protected so you can focus on your fashion.