Cleaning sensitive skin

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“Irritated, red, itchy or even a rash” Many people have repeatedly encountered these sensitive skin problems. Always and always looking for a variety of ways to help fix it. Try to avoid triggering factors. Whether it’s dust, smoke, sunlight or chemicals? Stop using the nourishing cream that you used to? Switching to a gentle nourishing cream especially for sensitive skin? But you still found that these skin problems are still there. That might be because You are overlooking the most important step in skin care for sensitive skin. That is the process of cleaning the skin itself.

Some products may not be suitable for individuals sensitive skin, sensitive skin might be red, scaly, itchy, or even painful. Therefore when you wash your face, you must choose suitable face foam.  facial foam is the products that are invented by dermatologists.and product is suitable for all skin types.

How important is the cleansing process for taking care of sensitive skin?

We have to understand first that the cause of sensitive skin. Repeated irritation is caused by a weak skin barrier. Makes the skin sensitive to external stimuli easily. easily irritated and when irritation occurs The process of creating new skin cells is disturbed. The new skin cells are weak. The skin barrier was not strong. repeating over and over like this The approach to care must start from strengthening the skin’s protective barrier to make it stronger. reduce the sensitivity of skin cells and avoiding factors that stimulate the skin from outside at the same time

Therefore, the skin cleansing process is very important. This is a step that will help remove residual irritants. Accumulated on our skin all day long. Makes the skin ready to be fully restored. and the most efficient but at the same time The cleansing process can unexpectedly aggravate your sensitive skin as well.

Imagine that the facial cleansing products that we use Must come in direct contact with our skin every day. At least 2 times a day and still touch during the time when the skin is open. along with stimulating factors that cause irritation easily whether it is water temperature, pressure, or friction from fingers or cotton wool.

– The first point of choosing a product for cleaning sensitive skin is to be sure to be gentle Free from irritants such as SLS, fragrance, alcohol and parabens.

– Second, it must be ensured that the cleaning agents in the product are effective enough to remove dirt. excess oil or even residual makeup go out completely not accumulated in the skin which substances are currently in use and can ensure their efficacy Able to clean deeply is APG3 Complex, etc.

– Third, be sure that the cleansing products you choose can add moisture to your skin. To maintain the moisture balance in the skin while cleaning. including after cleaning effectively because the time when the pores are open without residue This is the best time to rejuvenate your skin.

Caring for sensitive skin doesn’t begin with nourishment. But starting with the best cleansing of the skin…deep cleansing build a moisture shield and free from irritants

maintenance method: Make the skin strong, not sensitive.

Maintaining healthy skin is a treatment for sensitive skin problems at the root cause. Always taking care of your skin will help keep your skin healthy. Rejuvenate sensitive skin Reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Clean your face thoroughly.

Cleansing your face cleans the dirt that may be left in the skin. Helps reduce the accumulation of residues in the pores. Makes the facial skin clean and ready to be nourished.

get enough sleep

When the body rests, there will be a process of repairing and restoring the worn parts. and the skin that has been rested and sleeping enough will be full and not dull

Avoid using a strong handkerchief.

Whether using toilet paper or a soft cloth, avoid rubbing against your face. To focus on lightly lining the surface. Do not rub back and forth as this can cause long-term aging of the skin.

maintain skin moisture

by applying nourishing cream every day in the morning and evening Or carrying a spray of mineral water during the day for those with dry skin can help maintain water in the skin.

Avoid stress and anxiety

In addition to stress, anxiety can cause frowning and creases in the future. Stress also affects hormone levels in the body. As a result, the skin is stressed, dry, dull, and irritated more easily than usual.

Avoid extreme heat or cold weather.

The temperature environment affects the skin quite a lot. If your skin is in a very hot or cold climate, it may cause skin irritation and unusual weather. and can be sensitive to stimuli around