Cool Websites On The Internet To Kill Boring Time

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No plans on weekend? Don’t you worry you are just in the right place and definitely at the right time? The Internet is a strange place for obvious reasons. Sometimes you might even get bored of internet surfing. But luckily you landed here and now you will have an interesting and fun time as you keep going through this article. The following websites can keep you hooked or you can visit them even during your breaks during working hours. 

The following cool websites can be as useful during free time as a PDF converter to Word during your working hours. We hope, the following list keeps you hooked for the next few hours.

My Fridge Food

This is a website where you can find recipes just by selecting the ingredients that are there in your fridge. Once you are done selecting the ingredients automatically there will be results for the possible tastes of meals with those ingredients. This website can also be useful for those who leave away from their family and is also looking for something delicious homemade recipe.

Spend Elon Musk Money

Here, on this cool website, you get the opportunity to use all of Elon Musk’s wealth. This website gives you the opportunity to buy gadgets such as PS5, Macbooks, and also super exotic cars. All his worth and wealth allow you to buy mansions, helicopters, and private jets as well. This might sound crazy but well yeah this actually is. Although don’t take it so seriously as all of this happens just virtually not in reality. This is a must-recommended website to feel rich and have fun at the same time.

GeoFS Flight Simulator

Getting bored? Want to fly? You are just at the right place. This website allows using a flight module where you fly an airplane. You can choose any aircraft and just fly it off. GeoFS Flight Simulator is an online simulator game and you do not need to install anything on your PC for that.

Explore Mount Everest

Everyone wants to explore Mount Everest and everyone does not have the courage and motivation to do so. But this very website was created by The Discovery Channel and allows you to explore Mount Everest in 3D.

Read Unlimited Books For Free

This website contains hundreds of books and articles for free. If there is any book you have been wanting to read you might just find it here for free. This is one of the best online sites just like PDF to Word online. You can just simply go to the book section and download the best read of your choice.