Ensuring Comprehensive Cyber Protection for Business With Multi-layered Defense

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The internet can often be a scary place, and you are lucky if you did not have to learn this from experience. Still, many people go through life without facing a severe cyberattack. However, businesses do not have this luxury because they are often targets of cyberattacks and data breach attempts from hackers.

As cyber threats keep evolving and raising concerns, you must ensure comprehensive cyber protection and multi-layered defense for your business. You must be aware of hackers’ various cyber attack strategies and the latest malware they use. It can be challenging for a business owner, especially if they have no prior experience.

A quick and easy fix to this challenge is to seek professional help from a company providing managed IT services in Philadelphia. It is advisable to seek professional help because cyber security for businesses is a whole new ball game. Once you have better knowledge of cyber threats, you will realize how urgent it is to have a multi-layered defense for safeguarding your online presence.

5 Compelling Reasons for Implementing a Comprehensive Cyber Protection System for Your Business

As you know, the digital world is changing and evolving at a never-before-seen rate. Unfortunately, it means that cyber hackers’ tactics and methods are also changing. It means you may need more than the standard cyber security measures like firewalls to protect your business online. The section below illustrates the evolving nature of cyber threats and why you must safeguard your business with multi-layered defense systems.

Advanced Ransomware Attacks

Several new malware in the market can infiltrate your IT infrastructure and erode it from the inside. New malware can encrypt your sensitive business information and demand ransom for releasing the data. Moreover, ransomware attacks are growing in frequency, and it’s only a matter of time before someone targets your business.

Phishing and Social Engineering

One of the most common yet effective cyber-attacks you can fall prey to is phishing and social engineering. It involves using deceptive emails and fake sites to mislead users into divulging their sensitive data. The data could be your office credentials or financial details that may be useful to launch a cyber attack on your business.

Zero-day Vulnerability

One of the brutal cyber threats to defend your business against is something that we call zero-day vulnerability. It involves the use of software that is entirely new to launch a cyber attack on your business. As the threat is unique, you become defenseless unless you seek the help of Managed It services in Philadelphia to safeguard against these attacks.

APTs or Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are continuous cyber attacks targeting your business. Such attacks are often the doing of your competitors, and they aim to compromise your sensitive data and are well prepared to overcome typical security measures. Hence, seeking professional help to set up your business with a robust multi-layered defense system is best.

Inside Threats

More often than not, most severe cyber threats to your organization come from within and not from outside. Hence, access to your business data must be only available to authorized personnel. You can set up multi-layered protection for your business, double or triple-factor authentication, and other advanced security measures.

Implementing a Multi-layered Defense System for Your Business

The concept of a multi-layered defense system is simple. It is a cybersecurity strategy that lets you protect your business and its sensitive information via multiple security protocols and advanced safety measures.

A multi-layered defense system for your IT infrastructure relies on multiple security measures like firewalls, two-factor authentication, and more. As a result, you can build layers over layers of security so that if one fails, the others can still stop the attack and protect your data.

You can add several security methods to your robust multi-layered security system, including but not limited to the following measures.

Perimeter or Outermost Layer of Security

As the name implies, perimeter security refers to the outer security measures you implement for safeguarding access to your business and its data. It includes all your basic security measures, such as firewalls, encryptions, data breach detection systems, etc.

Advanced Network Security

You can seek the help of a reliable managed IT service provider to implement advanced network security as part of implementing multi-layered defense systems. Steps like network segmentation, site traffic monitoring, access control, etc., can restrict hackers’ movements and their malware.

Optimized Endpoint Security 

Businesses must prioritize optimizing endpoint security for their business with a multi-layered defense mechanism for their IT infrastructure. It means you must secure the endpoints like computers and mobile devices of your business. There are several ways you can do it. Implementing robust antivirus software for all company devices and setting them up with anti-malware tools are steps to ensure a multi-layered defense system.

Superior Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Another effective strategy to include in the multi-layered defense system for your business is ensuring authorized-only access to specific resources. You can use superior Identity and Access Management (IAM) to manage user identity and determine each company personnel’s access level.

Robust Data Encryption

Of course, a multi-layered defense system for business is only complete with data encryption. Regardless of whether you use other defense methods, you must always use data encryption to protect your sensitive business data. Encryption ensures the attacker can not access, view, or read the data even if they manage to steal it.

Security Awareness and Training

Your employees will always be a part of your cybersecurity whether you like it or not. Moreover, you would have to grant the necessary access to your employees depending on their roles and duties. Hence, you must prepare your employees for a cyber attack with security awareness programs and specialized training.

Response and Recovery Plan

An ideal multi-layered business defense system must include a comprehensive response and recovery plan. It is an action plan to efficiently deal with data breaches and cyber-attacks and quickly recover from them. The method ensures your organization can minimize the damage and downtime of your business.

Why Should You Hire a Managed IT Service for Implementing Multi-layered Defense Systems?

Hiring an expert Managed IT service provider to care for your business’s IT infrastructure is always advisable. It will save you significant time and effort and avoid gaps in your multi-layered defense system. That’s not all. You get several other advantages by hiring a professional team to help with your multi-layered defense system, including the following.

  • Expertise in multi-layered defense system
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Quick and efficient response
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Superior system scalability
  • Easy compliance with regulatory standards
  • Efficient disaster recovery plan