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The property market is the top industry for foreign and local investors and is pumping billions of dirhams each year to reap a high return on their investment. In the past, Dubai has streamlined the buying of properties which has increased confidence, particularly for foreign investors seeking lucrative yields.

If a buyer wishes to buy an off-plan or leasehold villas for sale in Dubai, they must submit a photocopy of their passport. That’s it. There is no special permit or documentation is needed. Property is either in the leasehold or freehold bracket. Leasehold properties give the buyer the right to own them for 99 years or less than the contract states. In essence, the purchaser can only hold the property, not the land it is built upon. A freehold property, on the contrary, gives the owner complete ownership of the building and the land it’s constructed on.

Purchase a property in Dubai – Buying Guide

The right agent to work with is essential. You want someone who understands your requirements but knows all the legal nitty gritty and market conditions and can demonstrate a track record. In terms of the buying process, it’s relatively easy.

After the parties have agreed on the conditions of the sale, they must sign an agreement for sale/MoU. In this stage, a deposit of 10% is required to prove that the deal is in place. The seller then pays any remaining fees due to the developer, ranging from service charges to authorization for the sale of property for an all-in-one fee. After all, dues have been paid, the developer issues a NOC to the vendor, and a new title deed will be issued in the purchaser’s name. This is the point at which the property will be officially transferred from the owner to the purchaser.


Are the utility charges included in the price of buying the home?

In general, no. If the property is bought off-plan, the facilities are connected after the final payment and the building handover. However, when the property is purchased through the secondary market, the seller must clear all outstanding balances to receive an NEC from the developer before establishing the connection.

What documents should be filled out when purchasing properties in Dubai?

When the buyer and seller have reached an agreement verbally, and the seller signs the Form A contract between the seller and broker. Then, the buyer signs a Form B contract with the buyers and brokers. Form F is created to seal the deal. A sale agreement must be signed, also known as the MoU (or Form F). Most likely, your agent will get it prepared for you. The buyer will also have to make a 10% security deposit that is refundable once the property transfer is completed.

Which are the maximum and minimum costs in Dubai?

The price range vastly depends on the location and type of asset, facilities, quality specifications, and other factors. For instance, the cost for apartments in the most desirable areas of Dubai could range between Dh15 to Dh50 per sq ft.

How long can a property developer delay hand over the property?

Suppose we’re discussing delays in the project and not delays in handovers from the point of completion. In that case, Real property development is a nebulous procedure that requires a wide variety of skills and a variety of complicated supply chains. Therefore, even with the best intentions and plans, delays can happen. Developers have an extended period of 12 months, from the expected completion date until the handover day.


Be aware that a real estate transaction within Dubai is about thirty days starting from the date that the Agreement for Sale is signed. Fam is a brand that has established itself by providing complete authenticity. It’s not just a sell-by date or a blank price. You should also consider buying these best villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah. Fam Properties is committed to providing accurate, objective information to our clients. Fam Properties has a list of villas for sale in Dubai. For more information about villas for sale in Dubai, please get in touch with Fam Properties via email at [email protected] or call toll-free at 800-326-800.