Frequently asked questions among gamblers

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It is well known that gambling is a greatly developed way of entertainment in Nigeria: it has a rich history and high ratings among the experts of the area. Although many forms of gambling are prohibited by the government of this country, the legal ones may assure your total safety and the honesty of the game.

Why a casino must be legal?

In fact, the law against gambling protects people from fake gambling houses, where the victory only depends on luck since it is easy to rig the results for those who need it. Accordingly, games based on skill such as card games, arcades, trivia games and so on are fully legalized.

Where should you gamble in Nigeria?

Legal land-based gambling can be accomplished in only 3 places in Nigeria: two in Lagos, the capital of the country, and one in Abuja. Their players’ security is provided by the local gambling license approved by National Lottery Regulatory Commission, which is responsible for sports betting, lotteries and casinos in Nigeria.

What can you play instead of casino based on the land?

Another popular approach to gamble is Nigerian online casino. Apparently, native people address to the digital gambling due to the strict regulations imposed on its traditional form. However, it is still completely safe to play online, because even online casinos should get a gambling license to assure it and at the same time they offer a larger variety of games that may be outlawed in land-based ones.

The most powerful argument in favor of online gambling forms its commodity and speed. All in all, it is more convenient for gamblers to play on their mobile phones or computers while staying at home than in the crowd. Payment can be also made faster by the online options, but you should be precautious not to use some questionable payment methods and not to share your personal information with strangers.

How many players prefer online gambling?

In Nigeria, about 40% of indigenous people play on local gambling sites and around 30% of them place their bets on the betting sites. It can be explained by a sharply increasing popularity of online gambling alongside with the revenue that a gambler may win there. Thus, there are plenty of platforms protected from frauds and recommended by a big amount of people where you can examine your luck and show your gaming skills.