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A good source for library music is Freshmusic. This app features a wide range of tracks that are suitable for various genres, themes, and ages. You can buy CDs of full-length songs or download 30- and 60-second clips. Moreover, you can view the lyrics of each track, which can be useful when creating music videos. Here are some of the advantages of Freshmusic: a wide selection of free songs; a variety of options for sending songs; a simple search function; and a mobile-friendly interface.

A huge selection of music genres. You can download all kinds of music, from classical to rock. You can also record your voice, which is an extremely helpful feature for creating music playlists. In addition, the Freshmusic app offers access to all major online radio stations, so you can listen to the radio stations and find new favorites. You can even record the radio stations that you like, which makes it easier to keep a backup of all your favorite songs.

Freshmusic is available for free, which is an added advantage. It also allows you to connect Bluetooth headphones and speakers, and control playback from any other device. Having this app on your device is convenient, and you can create playlists, add songs to them, and save them in your library. The app is also compatible with most online radios, and it allows you to record any station that you like. You can also create custom playlists and listen to your favorite music whenever you want.