Here is how you can keep your home free from pests in Spring

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Although your region might have lovely weather all year round, spring is when things get heated up. As the weather becomes incredibly hot and dry in these months, bugs will begin to hunt for refuge they could use. Consequently, looking for potential pest-attraction areas across your entire house is a good idea. You can avoid the hassle of a bug infestation in the long run by doing some immediate cleaning and minor repairs. The most significant spring cleaning advice is listed below by the pest control Leander specialists. Have a look. 

Eliminate Clutter 

Pests can easily hide from us and build nests in our homes using items like cardboard, old furniture, and documents that we store there. Clutter makes it more difficult to identify an infestation and serves as a place for bugs to hide.


Remember to sweep out your home’s closets while clearing the junk in your attics and basements. Take everything out of your closet to thoroughly scrutinize each piece. Check for traces of cockroach, moth, and bed bug damage.

Check Out the Garage 

Maintain all goods in the garage on racks and off the ground to fend off pests. Additionally, check for weatherstripping on the outer garage door’s bottom to keep bugs out. The outer door should ideally be kept closed. However, ensure the internal garage door is closed tightly if you must access it.

Seal Gaps and Cracks 

Check for gaps and crevices inside and outside your home to make sure pests aren’t using these places to enter your house. Pay attention to the spaces surrounding utility connections, frames, vents, and electrical wiring. To protect your house and keep bugs outside, block off these spots.

Dispose of Standing Water 

Drain containers holding standing water, such as kids’ toys, kiddie pools, buckets, and anything else that gathers water, to keep pests away from your home and yard. Additionally, check for leaks near water faucets and fix them to prevent pests from using them as a water supply.


Your outdoor space may become inaccessible and unpleasant due to pests in the yard. Regularly rake the lawn, maintain short grass, and remove plant debris. Pay close attention to the spaces underneath your balcony and porch. Additionally, prune trees to leave a 3ft space between them and your house. It will prevent bugs from utilizing them as a gateway into the property.