How to Prevent Cavities

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Dental health and oral hygiene are oftentimes overlooked unless we are already experiencing toothache. You might be surprised to find yourself searching “ dental clinic near me ” one day because of the tinge of pain you are feeling. Cavities are one of the most-contributing culprits in ruining our teeth, so these should not be a welcoming sight, regardless of its level of invasiveness.

Tooth decay and cavities, although common,  are both issues in oral hygiene that should be acted upon immediately. These are caused by bacteria buildup that destroys your teeth’s enamel. Enamel is the protective layer of our smile, and once damaged, enamel doesn’t grow back. You only have one chance to guard and protect your smile, so you should be consistent with your oral hygiene and maintenance.

Cavities, if left unaddressed, would lead to more dental issues. Having said that, prevention of cavities is the most  effective way to save and protect your smile. If you want to know some tips to prevent cavities, keep on scrolling through the end of this page.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Cavities

Know Your Teeth Personally

If you already searched “ dental clinics near me ”, congratulations on taking the first step in taking control of your dental health! Cavities may seem to be unrecognizable with your bare eyes, or would hurt once the situation has become serious. So, the best way to know the status of your teeth is to undergo comprehensive dental exams.

Knowing your teeth personally will help you understand and address specific needs of your overall oral health. With regular visits and comprehensive discussions with professionals, you’ll be able to address the treatments needed, preventions, habit changes, and adjustments you should undergo. Once you are already briefed of your status, a specific and more effective approach will already be available. Aside from lowering the risk of completely damaging your teeth, your questions and anxious days of being confused will be gone, which will improve your overall lifestyle.

Your Home Is Not Your Teeth’s “Lazy Spot”

Most of us, when chilling at home, get drowned of the comfort of being lazy. We tend to forget to take a bath, apply that expensive skin care, or worse, brush our teeth.

Proper and consistent oral hygiene should always be practiced regardless where you are. Cavity prevention will rely the most at your home. It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day with the proper choice of gentle toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste.  Regular flossing should also be done since brushing alone would not suffice in getting rid of all dirt in our teeth. Your dentist  may also advise you to use fluoride rinse that can reduce cavities by 55% when used as a supplement to your oral care routine. If you still haven’t found the right dentist, you may search “ dental clinics near me ” while relaxing, and explore available options for you.

Put Those Sugary Products And Beverages Down.

Yes, we know that you need that daily punch of caffeine and sugar. But what if we warn you that you should put those cute teacups and stylish mugs of coffee and tea down? Regular intake of acids found in coffee and tea, aggravated by high sugar levels or dairy, will heighten the risk of developing new cavities over time.

But that does not mean you no longer enjoy your favorite drinks! Of course, experts have already thought of workarounds. Just go ahead and have a wonderful sip. However, you should immediately rinse or at least keep an eye to a 20-minute maximum period before you drink water or rinse your teeth to wash off these yummy yet harmful ingredients. Such ingredients like sugar, syrup, cream, are risk factors to cavities since they stay on your teeth’s surface and saliva a bit  longer. You may also consider using straw when drinking to keep those sweet liquids off your teeth and out of your saliva.

Switch To Water Instead

Water would be the safest and healthiest option in hydrating yourself. Since our bodies are of 60% fluid, keeping yourself hydrated will boost nutrients production, distribute them evenly, and help eliminate body toxins. Having said that, your bones, particularly your teeth will be healthier.

Puff Off Your Last Cigarette Stick

There are a million reasons to stop smoking and preventing tooth decay is one. You probably heard a lot of risks and disadvantages of smoking, and you should add your dental health risk to the long list. Smoking directly impacts your gums and teeth which lead to possible decay, infections, gum diseases, tooth loss, or worst— oral cancer. Once you visit your preferred expert from your “ dental clinics near me ” list, try to discuss and extract available options for you.

Seek Professional Help

Avoid ignoring regular dental appointments. Regular dental exams maintain your teeth clean and healthy, increasing your chances of preventing cavities.

Browse through your “ dental clinics near me “ list and choose schedules that will work better with you for a long time, since it is not recommended to regularly change your dentist because of your oral health’s history. Your chosen dental staff can also detect any potential concerns early on, allowing you plenty of time to address them before they become major difficulties.