How To Sell Your Songs Online and Make Money (2022)

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Musicians had to struggle a lot in the past to make ends meet. Making money from selling music is a challenge but achievable. In this digital era, you can sell music online using different strategies and discover lots of revenue opportunities.

There are many artists, who have made a financially stable livelihood from selling their songs and albums.

Make money collecting streaming royalties

Get your music on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, and other major music platforms. Steaming sales will not bring in big bucks right away. Over time they actually add value, especially when listeners and followers start to increase. Streaming becomes a regular revenue source for multiple artists. Streaming royalties are cash that the music digital platform owes you every time your song is downloaded or streamed.

With a music distributor, you can get your music released on popular streaming services and online music stores. Ensure that your get 100% of streaming royalties. Besides, you are even offered access to streaming insights & analytics from the music distribution company’s platform. It helps to keep track of your streaming revenue from the chosen platform.

Put your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. for listeners across the world. People start recognizing you as an artist as well as turn into your ardent fan because they adored your music style.

Music distributors like MusicDigi allow efficient exchange of music files, metadata, and payouts between download stores, streaming services, and myriads of musicians using the platform to promote their albums.

Distributors or aggregators make navigating complexities associated with the music industry easy for the musicians, so they can concentrate on creating amazing songs. Aggregators help to sell your music on Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc. They handle the key aspects like –

  • Licensing & distribution
  • Recorded royalties payout & collection
  • Deliver music metadata
  • Help you address an issue with streaming services
  • Ensures your music files look and sound great

Get your music on TikTok and reach millions of listeners. You can pull fans in thousands from other users sharing your music.

Besides live concerts and events, artists have to find other ways of reaching their fans.

Social media marketing

On social media platforms, followers can learn about their preferred artists upcoming shows and concerts. Live music followers choose social media to connect with their favorite artists and fellow fans. It even helps them stay informed about their favorite musician’s tours and news. On Facebook, concert experiences are shared during and after the performance.

Sell merchandise

It is a good way for musicians to generate revenue. Merchandise manufacturing is cheap if you are familiar with how to source it. Merchandise can be sold at live concerts and gigs. It is a great way to support concert travel costs and venue hire.

The merchandise line does not have to be constrained to clothing. Include products ranging from phone cases to bottle openers and mugs to posters. Every fan cannot afford to purchase a $20 concert fee but can swing a $5 keychain. The 5 dollar bills can add up!