Jordan Mid: a signature blend of aesthetics and athletics

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Nike’s one of the most successful product lines is none other than the shoes named after the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. The Jordan shoes, also known as the Jordan Mid collection, gained popularity for their exceptional quality and performance. The brand name gives an added advantage to these shoes. These shoes were first designed for MJ to wear on the court but later became available in the market for the general public in 1985.

What makes Jordan MID the perfect shoes?

Jordan shoes come in a wide range of sizes ranging from just 3.5 to 11, with shoes for men, women, and children. They are a proper fit for everyone’s size. These sneaker shoes come with many advantages. What makes them different from other shoes is their unique colour scheme. From simple purple to vibrant, radiant colours, Jordan has all types of colour combinations to give you an aesthetic appeal and a radiant look. One can match these shoes perfectly with any outfit, from dresses to jeans to sweatpants and boxers. These shoes were initially designed for men. According to a few reports, women claimed they fell in love with the shoes designed for men and started purchasing from the men’s section. Later, the product line extended to women, with carefully designed shoes to catch their eye.

How are these shoes curated?

It takes time, money, and effort to create them. Coming to the manufacturing aspect of these sneakers, they are made of excellent primo materials. Durable leather and Suede are combined with synthetics to bring this masterpiece to life. They have a pearlescent finish adding shine and lustre to the outer side, and the icy soles pull it all together on the lower end. For sneakerheads, these shoes are the perfect fit. They have the ideal grooves to make walking more accessible and comfortable, giving you the feeling of walking on a cloud.

The inner material is soft and flexible, and it absorbs sweat. It doesn’t make your feet sticky on sunny days. The air force is so diverse that the inner end has tiny holes that allow air to percolate inside and hence do not allow your toes to feel suffocated.

Significance of the brand’s logo:

The logo is ‘Jumpman,’ which is tiny and straightforward, expressing a man playing basketball. The man appears to stretch his legs and arm long enough to reach the ball. This is to symbolise the famous basketball player MJ. Michael Jordan’s inspirational messages are added to every design, adding meaning to every step. This logo is used by the brand Nike to promote its sneakers and sportswear. Many people purchase these shoes just for the logo as it is minimalistic and straightforward. What makes Jordan shoes unique is that they have an independent logo though they are a subcategory of Nike. This logo is also mentioned multiple times in the song by Drake and Future, thus making it popular in Western countries. The logo is iconic but could not escape a legal drama. A photographer claimed that the brand copied his idea and sued the company.

Jordan Mid shoes are comfortable and fashion-forward. The Jordans are so widely in demand that most of the shoes launched are sold within a week! However, many people make pre-bookings on the shoe and are willing to pay extra money. These are the staple shoes that everyone should have in their shoe collection. These are proudly referred to as a status symbol for today’s generation as they are a signature blend of aesthetics and athletics.