Plastic surgery because boyfriend left

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In this case, it is often found that the surgery was done because the boyfriend left some, the girlfriend left, had some gigs, read it, don’t think that it’s nonsense. This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me. I don’t know why I want to change myself. Before, I was heartbroken and cut my hair, but now I’m heartbroken and I’m going to add my chest…haha, seems more to the point) There are a lot of stories that the patient tells the writer.

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   “I’ve been wanting to have my nose augmented for a long time. But my girlfriend doesn’t let me do it, my girlfriend forbids me and threatens that if I do, I’ll ask to quit.

   But it’s not too late to do it. My boyfriend asked me to quit. In addition, I went to have a new girlfriend with someone who had rhinoplasty, eye surgery, breast surgery, done a complete set, so I want to come and do some in case I want to bring my girlfriend back.”

In this way, the writer does not recommend surgery. Your boyfriend doesn’t come back, or if he comes back, he doesn’t come back because he’s the writer himself.

 But if the writer wants to because I wanted to do it for a long time And now I don’t have a boyfriend to stop me. I can do this. Writers want writers to have surgeries. Karma with self respect honors yourself and respects yourself Because your own self is worth in itself already.

difficult to make up

Wasting time on accessories

 This must be said. If you weren’t a woman, you wouldn’t understand. (The writers don’t understand. If one day they get up and put on make-up, apply their eyes and apply their lips, they will understand more.) This writing is for children. Men will understand how feminine they are, why they waste their time applying makeup, applying lips, writing eyeliner, putting on false eyelashes, and putting on 3M stickers. This is because they want to make the world look more beautiful. nah) or even used to make up It’s easy to write eyeliner, but once your age is 3, why is it difficult to do anything and look longer than usual? from the simple writing become messy and messy

It’s not good to take pictures

 In this case, the social penalty must have occurred. Make it easier for writers to upload photos to Facebook and do it regularly. Especially by taking a picture of yourself on their profile, both writers and friends can see their flaws more and more often.

   It’s human nature to want perfection. Seeing flaws, they want to fix them. make the trend of surgery clearly increase accordingly. In this way, the writer recommends that if you take a straight face and it looks flat and has no dimension, turn the side around 45 degrees to find a nice angle with a little dim light, I guarantee that it will come out beautiful.

going to be a star

   I must say that as a plastic surgery writer, I feel honored. Especially that I have been entrusted with getting my nose augmented, making my eyes, and adding fullness before I go to apply to be a star. But if you do it and add it, you can’t be a star as you wish. Don’t blame the writer. Because writers themselves have limited talent, they can’t make unattractive people beautiful. but only capable Make ordinary people look better. You can look a little more beautiful. (Sorry for not being able to But there are many good Thai writers who are talented and talented. Study the information well before making a decision whether it is really a god. or disguised as a god)

   To be honest, writers don’t really like the style of acting to become a star. because the stakes are quite high Plus enough to be a star as loud or not as loud Another matter build confidence. 

 Increase the opportunity for yourself

At this point, there are quite a lot of patients who think like this. In doing surgery to strengthen their confidence. This writer agrees. At one level not all agree because many times that has already been added and decorated to the patient In addition to enhancing confidence, it also strengthens excessive confidence. It is simply called habit change surgery.

   how to change The writer would like to figuratively give an example that before rhinoplasty, eye surgery, or breast augmentation. Patients who used to look neat, calm, modest, wore long sleeves, long legs, completely concealed, but after the surgery She’s back in a new look. Wear a sleeveless shirt, short pants, and you’ll be fine. It might look too confident! This is not

   or many people from looking neat Become a person who looks very avant-garde Go buy a bikini Just run and show on the beach)

   The writer did not say that I was not confident. People who are more confident are good, but please be moderate and maintain the same character, neat, may look good, have more compassion

Find the opportunity to become a new person.

   This issue must be said that there are more and more that parents bring their children to have plastic surgery before entering the university. with graduating from the university fence

   For this item, there is nothing much. The writer can only answer with one word: “Love children.” There are many cases where parents bring their children. whether as a gift For the exam, the desired faculty or graduating from university then take you to apply for a job

However, the writer was once a child who had harassed his parents. Asked to bring her to do rhinoplasty after a doctor’s examination, but in those days, the surgery was still quite closed. Not as open as now, not knowing where to go, so the writer hasn’t done the nose job as intended. The older I get So I stopped thinking about doing it myself. Otherwise, P’ Moss is P’ Moss…555 unacceptable to the current condition because there was a glorious past.

   This must be said that sankhara is impermanent. As long as the writer is under the gravity of the world Writers grow old and return to commonplace, becoming fertilizer for the soil. Writers are always asked, If eye surgery, face lift, eyebrow lift, how many years will it last? Writers often reply that it depends on the aging of the individual. Some people get old quickly, some Surgery is just about buying time for you to look good, look right and fit your age, not a tight face. no neck wattle I almost can’t lift my neck. This one can’t take it. I used to be full when I was young. Now no one squeezes anyone a massage. The chest is given less. more and more

   Let’s talk about the news that has happened recently that there is a lawsuit between A Chinese husband and wife. The husband sued his wife for deceiving her to be beautiful and good-looking (because she had plastic surgery before they met), leading her to believe her. beautiful from birth But when she gave birth to a baby, it turned out that the baby wasn’t as good looking as hers. Making her husband unacceptable and showing disgust led to a lawsuit.

   for writers If this is the case with whoever the writer has done plastic surgery, you can bring your children back to be beautiful and handsome. When at the appropriate age (at least not more than 17 years old) the writer is willing to take responsibility.

Note: By that time the writer was almost 60 years old, his hands probably started to tremble, his eyesight wouldn’t be the same. But anyway, let’s talk first.. (The author is joking about this. Don’t be serious)

 The writer would like to conclude with a poem of one of the younger sisters that she told the story. her heart to hear

The rats are of Chinese descent from birth. His eyes were only half open to the others.

Even if I have a layer, I will “hide in”, not happy. I have to endure forcing myself to write thicker eyeliner than anyone.

I want to wake up, “Ta Paew”, don’t have to write, and walk to study beautifully as I hoped.

Just the eyes are sweet, the face is second to none. Even if you don’t use “false eyelashes”, you look good.

Now enough to know the reasons for people who want to have plastic surgery. Then right? This time, the writer continues to see that At what age should a writer have surgery? Simply put, at what age should I start? The faster the better or the faster the worse. If you are only 16 years old and have had surgery almost 20 times, I guarantee that it is not good. Human flesh is not a toy. Each surgery often has new problems that follow continuously.