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Using Plex is easy. After installing it on your computer, you sign in and choose a name for your server. Select the types of media you want to add and click the “Add library” button to begin. Once you’ve selected the type of content, you’ll have to select a folder to store the media files. Once you’ve finished adding the appropriate media files, click the “Add” button to proceed. Your media files will be added to your server.

Plex supports a variety of media files. The software can access and organize media files locally, or on network shares. You can organize media files by their type, or you can browse through them with the web interface. Moreover, you can even organize them by category, and you can easily navigate between them. Besides, Plex can be accessed through the web and the desktop applications. Alternatively, you can use a mobile device with a web browser.

If you want to stream music, you can use Plex. Although it is not legal to download music or movies, it allows you to enjoy them. Moreover, you can watch movies, TV shows, and podcasts. You can even listen to streaming music. You can also search through your personal media on Plex. It’s easy to use, and you can set up a Plex account and install its app. This application also works on your computer.