Popular weapons replicas in airsoft

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We often see advertisements on the Internet about scheduled airsoft games. Many people simply skip such advertisements, and for some it is the best hobby or spending time with friends. Airsoft was first introduced in Japan after the ban on having its own armed forces. Therefore, the Japanese came up with creativity and intelligence to create an opportunity to learn to conduct special operations or conduct military operations, without harming anyone. They replaced the real weapon with an exact copy made of strong plastic or metal, and the bullets were also replaced with plastic ones. At the same time, they started the real tactics and strategy of such games. It’s not just running around with a gun in hand and trying to hit a target, no. The game plan is written in advance and everyone knows the final goal, it can be the protection of a checkpoint or the capture of a criminal group, in general, what may be needed in ordinary life.

The question arises, how do such games affect the ability to practice with real weapons? Everything is simple. With the development of the game, the industry of creating prototypes of airsoft weapons also developed. In terms of design, weight, even assembly, this weapon is completely identical to the real one, even the speed of the bullet is calculated so that everything is as real as it is. And with the development of this industry, the “fashion” for various types of weapons for airsoft games began to develop.

Most airsoft enthusiasts are constantly looking for the best weapon or equipment for new challenges. And, depending on the required functions and wishes, there are many different types. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully study this issue before buying, since it is the equipment that determines the quality and ease of work.

Most popular weapons replicas in airsoft.

Many of the most popular types of weapons are exact replicas of those used in modern military or security services, so they are also very popular among airsoft enthusiasts.

Therefore, we will probably start with the M4 Carbine, which was previously often used by the Marines. The plus is that this type of weapon is produced by all manufacturers of airsoft guns, it is very widespread and universal. However, you need to spend time to choose the perfect one for you in terms of dimensions, weight and material.

The following rifle, which has served as a weapon for security forces, the military and everyone who knows how to use it for more than one year. Probably, one of the most famous rifles in the world is the AK-47. It is distinguished by its convenience, reliability, endurance in extremely difficult conditions and availability. In airsoft, it is often used for complex missions or when operating conditions change. Also, a plus is that each manufacturer provides the opportunity to choose an AK-47 rifle for playing airsoft.

And the last, but not least, combat rifle HK50, which was developed by German, Austrian and British companies at the end of the 20th century. Most often, it is made of metal and can withstand heavy loads. It impresses with its reliability, endurance and convenience. However, in order to take possession of this treasure, you will have to strain a little, because not all airsoft companies can boast of this model in their assortment. But, if you need a weapon for serious tasks, we recommend that you try this one.

The best equipment for airsoft weapons.

There are different types of airsoft guns. Depending on the skills, type of use and wishes of the player. If you need an additional type of weapon or for long-range combat, but at the same time something that is not too heavy and large, then a pistol is best suited for this. It will be the best option for beginners as well, as it is highly efficient and easier to operate.

If you need a good melee weapon, there’s nothing better than a rifle, especially since they can come in a variety of sizes and calibers depending on your preference. A sniper rifle, on the other hand, is suitable for hitting targets at long distances, it works more like a hidden defeat mechanism and in some situations is indispensable for reaching targets.

One of the most essential airsoft equipment besides guns is ammunition, as there should always be a supply in case of emergency. Also, it is very important to have a regulator, because without it the weapon takes a long time to cool down, and the score can be seconds. It is important to take care of safety. Always wear safety glasses when using an airsoft gun, they will act as a shield for your eyes.

For more advanced users, different types of scopes, night vision devices or other additional devices may be needed when performing more complex tasks.

In general, every airsoft player should have a weapon, protective equipment, accumulator, regulator and additional ammunition, they will never be superfluous. The rest of the equipment is additional, depending on the mission, the tasks it involves, the time of year or weather, and also the period of the day. So be careful and plan what gear you need in advance.

Do not underestimate airsoft and treat it as just another game. Even replica weapons can leave bruises and even scars, so be sure to purchase the necessary equipment and practice your skills. Although stryball is only a simulation and all the rules and tasks are known, it is a real battlefield that develops determination, speed, tactics and intelligence. You should also approach the choice of weapons with full responsibility, because there are thousands of variations, from ordinary pistols to sniper rifles, and each has its own functions, disadvantages and advantages, depending on the use.

If you take responsibility for the preparation, then you are guaranteed. If you take responsibility for your preparation, you are guaranteed to have an interesting experience and enjoy the game.