Pros and Cons of Living in Round Rock TX

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If you want to move to a new location, there are many viable reasons why moving to Round Rock, TX, may appeal to you. There is no hesitation in relocating to Round Rock, Texas, considering that the city has a lot to offer in terms of activities, organized communities, and rich history.

While you consider living in Round Rock, TX, it is crucial that you have a solid understanding of what is obtainable in the city, and know both the good and bad sides of living there, so you can make better relocation decisions.

This article will explain the pros and cons of living in Round Rock, TX, to help you get a clear and unbiased view of how things work in that Texas area.

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Pros of Living in Round Rock TX

Low cost of living

The first thing on the list of advantages of living in Round Rock, TX, is the low cost of living. The inexpensive living costs are among the most significant benefits you will get if you live in Round Rock, TX. Round Rock, TX, has one of the lowest living costs in the US – about 3%. The cost of utilities is also cheap, and you don’t have to pay much in property taxes.

Better employment opportunities

There are several employment options to choose from if you live in Round Rock, TX because many businesses in the area need a large workforce. Whether you are a skilled or corporate worker, there’s a job for you in Round Rock, Texas. Their pay is also good.

Diverse communities

There are different kinds of societies in Round Rock, TX, such as the golf course communities. The communities in Round Rock, TX, are well planned, and they organize local events like holiday performances, get-togethers, and movie nights. You can also get never permissions and build your own house within these planned communities if you want.

Robust school system

Round Rock, TX, has about 55 schools where approximately 50,000 children get quality education. There are also top-tier schools if you want an outstanding school for your kids. There are private and specialty schools – and homeschooling options if you don’t like public schools.

In addition, their university system is of good quality and robust. There are also Texas State University, Austin Community College, and the University of Texas if you want a higher institution not too far from Round Rock but still within Texas.

Reduced poverty level

The poverty level in Round Rock, Texas, ranges from 10 to 13 percent on average. Round Rock, TX, has one of the lowest poverty levels compared to some cities in the United States.

A wide range of cuisines

There are many cultures within Round Rock, TX, so you will have the opportunity to make your food selections from different varieties of food. From fish tacos to oysters to ceviche to crunchy catfish and slaw, you will find a delicacy that will appeal to your taste buds.

Nice weather

Winter and springs in Round Rock, TX, are always fascinating. Typical springtime temperatures range from 75 to 85 degrees, while wintertime lows are around 60 degrees. There is an extended period of good weather which means that you will enjoy year-round outdoor activities.

Cons of Living in Round Rock TX

Insufficient public transportation system

The public transport system in Round Rock, TX, is not too robust, which is why the Round Rock Transit collaborates with nearby Austin’s Capital Metro public transport system to render transport services around the Round Rock region. So you may need a car to move around the Round Rock area comfortably.

Relatively-high traffic

Driving in and around Round Rock, TX, may be somewhat challenging because the I-35, which people use to travel into and out of Austin, usually causes traffic congestion in Round Rock, especially during working days. This traffic jam might affect how fast you get to work or run your daily activities, especially if your workplace is around the area affected by traffic congestion.

Low nightlife

Round Rock, TX, is a calm area – you can move around freely at night and go anywhere you want, but there’s not much nightlife fun. Even though there are eateries and pubs scattered in the area, there isn’t a lot of nighttime entertainment to enjoy if you love nightlife buzz.

Final Words

You’ve seen some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Round Rock, TX. The pros outweigh the cons. Use the information in this article to make your decision.

If you decide to move to Round Rock, TX, make sure to hire the best movers Round Rock, TX, that know the city well. In addition to rendering a moving service to you, we will also make things easier for you by helping you to declutter.