Sore Muscles After a Back Rub

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If you’ve had a massage, you’ve probably experienced sore muscles afterward. While this is common after a deep tissue massage, it can also happen with a gentle massage. After all, the process of massaging your muscles is similar to passive exercise, which makes them tense up and tight. When the muscles are sore, they block blood vessels, which inhibits circulation, resulting in lactic acid buildup and soreness.

In fact, soreness is a normal part of the process. As a result of soft tissue manipulation, the muscles get a good workout. The massage will release toxins and increase circulation, restoring the muscles to a more functional state. The back rub may cause soreness after the massage, particularly if the person hasn’t had regular body work. This is completely normal, and you can treat sore muscles afterward.

The soreness is a sign that the muscles were successfully massaged. The massage process forces blood to the muscles, bringing them nutrients and eliminating toxins. However, this type of back rub may trigger soreness in muscles that are rarely or never used. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve had a long-time relationship with your bodyworker, you’re sure to feel soreness afterward.

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