The Different Ways You Can Wear a Suit Vest to Up Your Style Game

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A suit vest has the power to make your suit look like an entirely new outfit, in addition to adding some extra warmth to your suit during those colder months. If you’re wondering how to wear a suit vest (and we’re willing to bet that you do), then look no further than the following guide! Suit vests are so versatile that you can use them for everything from casually sporting it with jeans and sneakers to dressing it up with a pair of dress shoes and slacks. Here are the different ways that you can wear a suit vest

How to wear a suit vest with your suit jacket

If you need to wear a suit vest under your suit jacket, it is common practice to button the vest in the middle. This will keep the sides of the vest from folding over and revealing too much of your shirt underneath. However, if you want more coverage, there are other ways you can wear your suit vest with your suit jacket. You can tuck the ends of the vest into your trousers or even attach them together with a safety pin so that they don’t flap around. To make this work, be sure to use a long safety pin that won’t fall out easily or become visible when you sit down. These suit jackets are ideal for joining a party of the best casino games.

How to wear a suit vest over your t-shirt

One of the most stylish ways to wear your suit vest is over your t-shirt. To do this, put on the vest first so that it covers the shirt, then put on the shirt and pull it over the top of the vest. This way you will still be able to see some of what’s underneath when you move around or take off your coat. Another way is under a button-down shirt with an untucked hemline. Tuck in the back and unbutton from the bottom up, then slip on the vest. Pull it out from under the shirt for a cleaner look. If you’re not wearing a tie but want to wear a jacket, opt for one that doesn’t have buttons: Put on your jacket without zipping it up all the way (so as not to disturb any wrinkles), put on your suit vest, then zip up just enough so that you can insert both hands into each arm hole to button them shut at the front—the closer they are together at front, the more they’ll resemble real buttons!

How to wear a suit vest with shorts

A suit vest is the perfect way to stay cool during the summer while still looking stylish. They are lightweight and breezy, so they’re great for sporting on those hot days when you want to look sharp. To incorporate one into your summer wardrobe, here are three ways you can wear it with shorts

How you can incorporate the trend into different clothing styles.

Suit vests are one of the most underrated trends that can be used for so many outfits. So, if you’re looking for some new ways to spruce up your closet, here are five of the best ways you can wear a suit vest:

1) With A Button-Down Shirt And Jeans

2) Under A Trench Coat

3) Over A Jacket

4) As An Oversized Sweater

5) With A Puffer Coat

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How other menswear influencers are wearing their vest this season.

As the seasons change and the weather cools down, so does the wardrobe. And while we don’t want to say goodbye to our favorite summer pieces just yet, it’s time to start breaking out some of those fall essentials. One key piece that gets overlooked is the suit vest. But if you’re not sure how best to wear one, then here are some ideas for you!