The race for first place! Here are the most exciting Transformers games!

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Racing games are some of the most appreciated by children & adults all over the world, for a number of more or less obvious reasons. First of all, they involve fierce competition between players, whether we are talking about friends, colleagues, siblings, etc., to see which of them manages to be better and finish in the first place. Secondly, the rules, but also the controls are somewhat universal, while the goal is to be the fastest and collect all the bonuses on the route.

In these conditions, why not combine some of the most attractive games with some of the most beloved fictional characters in the whole world? We’re talking about playing racing Transformers games, from a top website such as They have over 50 Transformers games with more and more diverse themes, and some of them involve high-speed and endurance races. Together with our friends at the above-mentioned website, we have selected the best ones and we are ready to present them to you below. Without further ado, here are their titles, along with their rating and the number of plays:

Cars vs Transformers – 100% likes, played 3874 times 

This is one of the most appreciated Transformers games because it puts two of the most beloved groups of characters face to face: the famous robots versus the cute cars from the movies & series with the same name. Although the winner of this battle should be a sure one, considering the difference in strength between the two groups, things can take an unusual turn, both literally and figuratively; 

Transformers Race Machines – 80% likes, played 4511 times 

This game stands out for its enviable graphics, one of the best on the above-mentioned website. At first, winning these races might seem easy but the truth is that the intensity and level of difficulty increase from race to race; 

Transformers Desert Racing – 100% likes, played 4730 times 

What can be more fun than playing this amazing Transformers game with the scenario set in the desert? However, you’ll have to be very careful as you will control and help Optimus Prime himself, one of the biggest and most powerful robots from space. It’s the first time he’s riding a motorcycle, so make sure he doesn’t fall and make a mess of himself; 

Transformers X-mas Racing – 100% likes, played 2909 times

This is basically the same as the previous game, with the difference that the decor is magical, specially made for Christmas. In these conditions, it’s great to play these Transformers games near the winter holidays, with loved ones;

Transformers Team Trials – 82% likes, played 5973 times

Last but not least, Transformers Team Trials invites you on an amazing 1-to-1 race versus your best friends, while trying to avoid obstacles and pick up bonuses that will help you speed up. In conclusion, what are your favorite proposals, among those presented by us? Let us know in the comments section and start playing right now. Good luck!