Tips for Smoking Cannabis Outside in the Pacific Northwest

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As the season changes, it’s time to dust your outdoor gear and get ready for adventures in the Pacific Northwest. Marijuana is a good companion for many great outdoors explorers. Cannabis makes you feel closer and connected to nature. It is undoubtedly enjoyable in-between breaths of fresh air as you explore the great outdoors.

However, before packing your gear and going on hiking, geocaching, backpacking, fishing, camping, or playing disc golf, ensure you understand the requirements for the considerate and safe use of cannabis.

What are the Etiquette and Safety Considerations for Outdoor Marijuana Consumption?

Safety is vital to a good smoking experience outdoors, and etiquette ensures that others, including non-smokers, have a good outdoor experience.

Therefore, make sure you practice these as you hit the trail. Before looking at the etiquette and safety considerations for outdoor cannabis consumption, some outdoor activities support beautiful smoking experiences.

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Geocaching
  • Fishing
  • Backpacking
  • Playing disc golf

If you are going for any of these great outdoor activities, pack your smoking device to enjoy a memorable and adventurous outing. Before you light your touch, you must understand the safety and etiquette requirements for outdoor cannabis use.

  • Pick the Right Strain

All strains are not equal in terms of potency and effect. Some strains give more energy than others, and a Sativa or hybrid is a top choice for an energy boost. A Sativa is the most recommended for aerobic workouts, even though some strains have a calming effect. Before you choose a strain, take the time to research.

Also, try them to see the potency ahead of time. It can be frustrating to get drained of energy in the middle of the trail. So, try various strains at home and see their effects. Some popular strains include Durban Poison, Orange Crush, Harlequin, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Cinderella 99, and Willie Nelson.

  • Be Discreet and Considerate

Not everyone is comfortable with cannabis use. It is a misconception to assume that it is okay to smoke indiscriminately because cannabis is legalized in your state. You must respect other people trying to enjoy the fresh mountain air and the great outdoors.

Instead of smoking in the presence of everyone, you can smoke in your car before heading out. You can also go through unpopulated areas or off the trail to smoke. This is especially important when you have children going on the trail with you.

  • Avoid Fire Hazard

Wildfires are a big issue on the West Coast. They are not only affecting residents and buildings. Wildlife and forests are also targets. All it takes to start wildfires is a tiny piece of burning ash. It spreads fast in the presence of wind, and before you know it, it becomes uncontrollable.

Therefore, exercise caution with open flames. Make sure you extinguish blunts or joints before moving on. You may consider using a portable dab rig or vape pen with no external heat source.

  • Leave no Trace behind

This is especially important for hikers, backpackers, and campers. Enjoying marijuana on the trail is perfect, but keep the extinguished roach. No one wants to see marijuana butts on the trailside. Pack all trash, including the smallest ones, and stow them away.

Invest in durable and adventure-friendly accessories to help you keep everything together. A portable silicone pipe is lightweight and durable. They are discreet to use, so you don’t have to worry about getting noticed by other hikers when going off the trail to get a rip.

  • Choose the Perfect Trail

Can you imagine spending hours going uphill when you are at your peak in the world of cannabis? You are sure not to find that funny. Therefore, choose your trail carefully. When stoned, you should avoid extremely difficult trails.

Instead, connect with nature on your elevated level as you enjoy the views. It is best to choose a trail you are familiar with. You can get easily distracted and slide when smoking and hiking. Take precautions and avoid slippery or very steep descents or sheer cliffs when you are high.

  • Get Snacks and Water in your Pack

When going backpacking, hiking, fishing, camping, or playing disc golf, food and water are important items on the list of things to pack. If you plan to smoke cannabis on the trail, you need extra food and water.

Cottonmouth or dry mouth can be especially brutal when going through the rigor of climbing or walking the trail. Munchies syndrome is a common side effect of smoking weed and when it hits, you have to appease it.

Therefore, load up on water and snacks. You don’t want to get caught unaware in the woods where you can’t find a store. It is better to over-pack than under-pack and be far away from the nearest water source.

Best Marijuana Pieces for Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking

Hikers, campers, and backpackers love using portable vaporizers and oil pens on the trail. They are portable and discreet. They are also lightweight and produce minimal odor. Vaporizers are compatible with different flowers, so you can fill your piece with your favorite flower.

Lots of oil pens have strain-specific cartridges. That means you can take your favorite cannabis variety with you on your trip.

  • Joints

These are the favorite of many stoners for the great outdoors. You can roll many of them before you hit the trail. If you are hiking with friends, you can easily share your classic joint with them. Joints undoubtedly pack a good punch. One downside is that they require plenty of buds and can burn faster in a strong breeze.

  • Pipes

On busier trails across the Pacific Northwest, a pipe is preferable. They are lightweight and easy to put out. You can also share them with friends. However, you have to be careful with them because they are breakable. They are also difficult to light in a strong breeze.


Cannabis goes well with the great outdoors. It is a unique experience to get rips amid nature in the Pacific Northwest. Whether hiking, backpacking, camping, geocaching, fishing, or playing disc golf, your favorite cannabis product will only add to the fun of the adrenaline-pumping adventure.