Tips to study smart from NCERT books

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The exam time is fast approaching and you are devoting your entire day for preparation. The time seems to be less and even 24 hours would seem to be less at this point of time. There is a lot to study and if the time is restricted you are bound to panic. An old proverb exists that time along with tide does not wait for anyone and this logic holds true. You may be thinking that with the extra time you would have gone on to study in an effective manner. Being engrossed in NCERT 11 Maths books will be of help, but you need to have a strategy in place relating to your studies. A smart and systematic approach is bound to yield results. Below are mentioned some tips on how to deal with the impact of exams.

Formulate a story

Most of us would remember the stories that are told to us during our childhood days. Don’t you think it is amazing as this is the same formula that you need to develop with your studies. If you are able to make a story out of your studies then you will be able to remember things easily. So rather than looking at the boring pile of text, it would be better if you can turn that it into an interesting piece of information that can make its way to your brain. This is going to be fun and bring down your stress levels.

Read the materials loud

There is no need to be shocked as reading the materials loud involves your eyes, ears and speech. The moment you read the information loud you can feel and hear it. But if you read the information silently, you are only going to see it. So, when there are a lot of senses involved it would make the cognitive juices flow and you will be able to memorize the information easily.

Rely on mnemonic

Remember those days where our teach taught us to remember the nine plans with the phrase that our teach taught us to remember the nine planets. You can try making use of this information by relying on the use of such phrases. It is going to help you summarize the information and you will not overload your brain in any manner.

Switch subjects

Everyone is going to be bored if they are studying the same subjects over and over again. It is fair to say that the brain would also be tired studying the same subject. An example is you have two papers on the same day, try to divide the time equally rather than going full out on a single subject. If you follow this technique your brain will be having the much-needed rest. Without getting tired.

Repeat telecast

Whenever you get some time to relax, try to harp on the topics that you have learned. You may give a cursory glance to the topics that is already learned, reinforce the information. All of us are aware that practice would make things perfect.

Notting down the important points

Class 11 NCERT book solutions suggests that you note down the important points when you study for the papers. Do not sit down to make notes at the 11th hour. Just you need to note down the important points and you should be fine with it. This is going to reframe the process and retain the information that would be of help during the final stages of exam preparation. What it means is that when you are studying for the exams you need to keep all the information in a concise manner. In fact, you are going to retain the information more easily than ever before.

Take the help of Analogy

The art of analogy indicates that you compare one thing with another. When you do this with your course material your levels of understanding increase at a considerable level. Moreover, it is a fun aspect and you will enjoy it considerably during the time of exams.

Summarize the information and take regular breaks

Learning too many topics could clutter your brain space. The key is to summarize the data and make key points. By following this technique, you note down the important points that would be of considerable help in preparing for the exams.

You would be thinking that we are talking about studying and here we are discussing about breaks. But by taking regular breaks it improves your productivity levels and you tend to enhance your focus. So rather than diving deep into the studies proper breaks are a must during the course of the studies.

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