What are some of the reasons for depression suicide?

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Suicide is defined as the instance of an individual taking his own life with the individual being in full consciousness. Statistics indicate that close to 32,500 cases of depression suicides for every 100,000 people have been reported in the United States of America. In the age group, the highest percentage is clocked by depression suicides committed by individuals in the age group 45-54, with the individuals in the age group 85+ coming a close second in the charts. The worrisome statistic is that close to 10,000 out of 100,000 people commit suicides in the age group 15-34, giving confirmation to the fact that teenage depression suicides are on the rise. It is highly likely that these numbers will rise more. The following are some of the reasons for depression suicide:

No solution to the depression issue

On a yearly basis, there are more people killing themselves due to depression, and this trend is expected to continue. The fact that people are unable to discover a solution to their depressive behavior that is both effective and sustainable is the primary explanation for this phenomenon. It has been suggested that a lack of social support or a lack of concern or care from members of the family is another element that contributes to this aspect.

Peer pressure

The fact that 10,000 adolescents out of one hundred thousand have chosen to end their life is a sobering figure that serves as a reminder to us. In an ideal scenario, these are the individuals who are accountable for shaping the central core of the nation. The widespread perception that a depressed person is a failure who is incapable of contributing positively to society is a primary factor in the high number of young people who take their own lives as a result of their depression.

Sexual Assaults

A growing number of people, particularly women, are taking their own lives after being the victim of sexual assault. Some members of society appear to be using their right to freedom to an excessive degree at the same time that the culture as a whole is adapting to a more contemporary way of life. Molestation, rape, and other forms of sexual assault on women can lead to depression, and the majority of the time, these women will eventually terminate their lives by taking their own lives.

How to treat this danger of depression suicide?

Let us face it – Depression suicide is not a disease or disorder; it is just caused by one. It is an event that can only be detected after it has been committed. One method which is very effective and natural to cut down the suicide rates due to depression is to cut down the causes of depression. There are very few reasons why people would commit suicide when they are not depressed. Remember, depression suicide is not something that can be prevented if someone is determined to follow through. It can be; all that is required is your constant support of the cause.