What To Consider When Buying a Machine for Printing T-Shirts

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When people have an interest in buying machines for T-shirt printing businesses, making a choice on the type of machine to buy can be a challenging task when a buyer needs to get value for their money in terms of the quality of the machine and its relevance to a specific type of printing tasks.

This article aims to illustrate the things to consider, such as the kinds of machines currently available in stores and the specifications to consider when buying a T Shirt Printing Machine. The specifications provide the starting point before making a purchase.

Some of the factors to guide your purchase decision-making should include the following:


A person’s budget will determine the options for a machine to buy. The larger the budget, the more options to select from and the higher the likelihood of getting a high-quality machine. However, proper machine selection will ensure a buyer gets a high-quality printer at a low budget.

Method of Use of the Machine

Another consideration when purchasing printing machines for t shirts is the kind of printing intended for its use. Those interested in digital printing should buy more recent innovations in printer technologies. If you already have your designs, it would be appropriate to buy the heat press, which has the advantage of cost-effectiveness.

The Scale of Printing

The selection of a printing machine must depend on how the machine will be used, such as the number of T-shirts printed per day. If many T-Shirts need to be printed daily, you will need to buy a giant machine with greater capacity to withstand more workload. For small-scale printing companies, smaller printing machines are recommended.

The Lifetime of the Machine

The machine should be bought considering how long it is intended for use. If the machine is meant to be used to print T-Shirts for a long duration, it is recommended that buyers should opt for high-quality machines despite the need to incur high costs. For those who print occasionally, cost-effective machines that do not have a long lifetime can be appropriate.

The following are some types of printing machines available to choose from.

DTF Printer

This machine is advantageous because it can be customized for hoodies and T-shirts. It also enables direct printing onto a T-shirt. It is advantageous in improving the heat transfer rate from the design to the clothing material to be printed.

Automatic Height Adjustment Printer

This is a more advanced form of printer and enables the user to seamlessly place the design on the correct part of a T-shirt to be printed. It is effective when multiple printings are carried out since it results in perfect and consistent prints on shirts and T-shirts. The figure below illustrates an example of an automatic height adjustment printer.

Digital Transfer Heat Press

This type of printer enables direct transfer of design through heat and is suitable for both small businesses and other units of production daily. It can be used by someone who has just started a T-shirt printing business to print high-quality T-shirts consistently.


Printers are versatile devices that enable businesses to print and sell T-Shirts. The selection of the right printer must account for cost, methods of use, duration of printing, and the type of printing tasks to be done. This paper is also informative by describing examples of T-Shirt printers that people can choose from when making purchases. For more, check t shirt printing machine price in Kenya.