What To Do When A Window Won’t Lock

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Absolutely all existing equipment, devices and structures can have a failure. And this includes windows and balcony or standard doors, which are our subject today. Many times we talk about the failures of the main doors of the houses, but what do we do when our window does not close? Mainly you have to know that if this happens to you you should immediately worry regardless of the height of the window, because even being on the third floor you are exposed to suffer a burglary attempt or be a victim of the different weather changes. 

Better prevent than cry later

If your window does not close for any reason, even if you put pressure or follow all the instructions below depending on your case, the best thing to do is to call a locksmith to help you locate the main problem. Sometimes such sudden damage can be due to a burglary attempt so we must secure our windows professionally if we don’t want to be a victim. 

The positive thing about hiring a specialist  to repair your windows is that you get a guarantee (as long as you do it with a professional company) in case there is a mistake again in the time estimated by the professional. And also, they give you a much more thorough assessment of the situation so you’re not left guessing and having to improvise until something bad happens with the window.

Check to see if the lock is starting to rust.

In case it still closes but only partially, you may be looking at the beginning of rust. It is quite common and if you identify it in a timely manner you can solve it with a specialized grease that you can get in any store. First, you will have to clean the area with a slightly damp cloth and then apply a little of the product on the lock joints and spread it well with a small brush.

The window maintenance is very important, you should do it at least three times a year.  A regularly maintained and adjusted window will reward you with long and trouble free use. If you haven’t done this before and need to get started, a locksmith can guide you. 

See if there is nothing obstructing the passage.

If the window is exposed to the outside of the house, and is sometimes left slightly open, we recommend that you inspect well from top to bottom those small joints that may be harboring a stick or any small object that is preventing your window from closing properly. You might be surprised to know that many times the problem is right in front of us and we don’t identify it. 

Finally, remember, many times our objects spend a lot of time with us and we do not realize that the passing of the years takes its toll, so if you already notice that its useful life has passed, do not hesitate to change your window lock