3 Examples You Would Need Family Lawyers In Melbourne

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There comes a time once in someone’s life when they would need family lawyers in Melbourne. Whether you have recently separated from your partner, are looking to get custody of your child, or are in a de facto relationship, having legal assistance can ensure you get the best outcome for your case. They can direct you on the best advice and strategy to give you the result you truly deserve.

Today, we’re going to dive deeper into these three instances where you would need help from family lawyers in Melbourne.

1. Divorce & Separation

The first way family lawyers in Melbourne can assist you is in the case of divorce and separation. They are the number one contact to go to in making sure you get the best outcome for your situation. For one thing, they have years of education and training working on dozens of similar-minded cases to know how to map out your strategy. They would therefore provide you with the correct protocols, make sure you sign the right documents, and simply guide you through the entire legal process. All in all, they will make help you know just what to do and the most suitable approach for this situation.

2. De Facto Relationships

Secondly, family lawyers in Melbourne not only help in marital relationships but also in de facto relationships. After living with your partner for 3 months, you are entitled to 50% of their assets which makes it eerily similar to marriage. In the case whereby the de facto relationship did not work out, having the assistance of family lawyers in Melbourne can surely rectify the situation. They’ll know the right approach throughout the legal process, guaranteeing that you’ll never feel unsure of what’s going on. You will be given full transparency from the start to the end of the case.

3. Child Custody

Lastly, child custody is a common situation whereby you would need the assistance of family lawyers in Melbourne. The intent of this is to make sure that the child goes to the right parent or guardian so that they are given the best care possible. This could mean that they would assess whether the parent is negligent, provides support, or is abusive, which are all factors that determine which parent is given full custody or if they are given joint custody. Family lawyers in Melbourne assure that you are the right fit for the child to make sure they are getting the care they deserve.

In summary, there are many different instances whereby you would need comprehensive legal assistance from family lawyers in Melbourne. From separation cases, de facto relationships, to child custody, there is an exorbitant amount of situations that require legal help. As they have worked on a variety of different and similar cases, they know the right approach for your particular circumstance to ensure it thrives. Overall, family lawyers in Melbourne are your best bet to help you get the best outcome for you.