What Does HOA Management Services in Scottsdale Entail?

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HOA management services in Scottsdale can come from a variety of sources but should be contracted with a company experienced enough to handle the specific needs of a property. This includes everything from mediating homeowners’ disputes to enforcing house rules and guidelines and scheduling regular meetings for residents. A property’s HOA management company will also provide information on new community programs and changes that affect homeowners, recruit and train volunteers for the board, create newsletters for residents, and organize events like maintenance days and community picnics.

You can learn more about the services of HOA management companies here in this post. Following are the common services provided by HOA management companies in Scottsdale:

  • Accounting

HOA management companies in Scottsdale frequently offer accounting services that provide an overview of a property’s financial condition. For example, the company will collect and record homeowners’ contributions to the community, their due dates for tax payments, their attendance at meetings, and any expenses needed for a project to be completed. 

HOA management companies also provide financial reports about budgets, fees owed for services performed by a private company, and any other pertinent financial information. This will help the board determine if there are enough funds in the HOA’s account to pay for upcoming projects and repairs, as well as determine if homeowners have paid their bills.

  • CC&R enforcement

These days, more communities have CC&R codes, which are regulations that govern the use of a property. For example, a bylaw may require that all buildings be painted white and kept in good condition. This means that a board with HOA management services could use any number of methods to evict or fine homeowners who violate the rules of their community. A homeowners’ association with HOA management services can also be used as a means to educate residents about their responsibilities as a homeowner.

  • Maintenance

HOA management services include the installation of lights, landscaping care, and other forms of maintenance for the community as a whole. This includes maintenance of common areas like parking lots, community pools, ponds, and walkways as well. 

Maintenance programs are typically performed by a professional company contracted by the HOA and may include pressure washing of exterior surfaces, mulching of plants and trees, mowing of grass, and cleaning common areas. A property’s HOA management company may also provide such things as snow removal and garbage pickup for homeowners.