4 trends you shouldn’t miss

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2021 was marked by the rise of various technologies that helped people to continue their activities amid the covid-19 pandemic. With the advancement of vaccination and the reduction of deaths, what can we expect from the technological universe in the coming months?

1. Video Content

Videos have always been the most fun and easy way of both entertainment and getting information. After COVID-19 pandemic, video content got even more popular. YouTube has always been the best video platform. On YouTube you can find every kind of content. Besides, YouTube is a great place for generating income with creating content. It sounds weird, but you can actually acquire youtube dislikes free and grow the rating of your content.

2. Decision intelligence

It has never been more important to leverage data to gain insights and improve human decision making. After all, how to apply a good total experience without considering information from leads, customers, employees and even the market?

Therefore, decision intelligence is one of the technological concepts that will be on the rise in 2022. Decision intelligence is an approach that aims to process large amounts of data to make more assertive decisions.

3. Composable apps

Systems development is an important ally for companies that need new solutions and want to create a competitive edge. However, creating applications with the quality and speed that the market demands can be a challenge for most businesses.

Composable applications are built from modular components, which allows code reuse and, consequently, rapid implementation of new features.

4. Distributed companies

Remote work has grown considerably in the pandemic and, according to a study by Harvard Business School University , 81% of people who are working from home prefer to continue that way after the pandemic period.

The advancement of geographically distributed companies creates the need to improve a series of technologies so that employees can work from anywhere and deliver good results. Cloud computing solutions , for example, are fundamental to this working model.

Your business does not need to invest in all technological trends, but knowing these innovations is essential to be able to identify opportunities, plan for the long term and grow sustainably.