5 Warning Signs Of A Failing Fuel Pump

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Like many engine parts, your fuel pump is designed to last a long time, but that does not mean you can count on it forever. While most vehicles do not have a set fuel pump replacement window recommended in the owner’s manual the way they do for a fuel filter, there are some easy to spot signs that will tell you if you need to plan a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer Fuel Pump – from $96.49+ | AutoZone.com purchase anytime soon.

  1. Fuel pressure warnings via the check engine light or dedicated indicators
  2. Decreased engine power
  3. Inconsistent performance generally
  4. Slow acceleration response and decreased gas mileage at once
  5. Engine failure

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is time to get an engine diagnostic done to see if your fuel pump is sending any failure notifications to the ECM. If these symptoms are caused by something else like an exhaust problem, it will often point to the correct issue quickly too. That will let you quickly decide what you need to restore your vehicle’s performance.

Dead Engine

The biggest risk is a total fuel pump failure, which would mean your engine does not get supplied with the fuel it needs to run. When that happens, it appears dead because there is nothing to fire when the ignition sets off the chain reaction that should start the car. If it happens while driving, the vehicle will stall and then fail to start. Either way, it will take a replacement 2001 Chevrolet Blazer Fuel Pump – from $96.49+ | AutoZone.com to get you back on the road.

Decreased Gas Mileage

Even when the fuel pump does not fail completely, you can wind up with steadily decreasing gas mileage until the issue is addressed. This happens because the pump does not maintain the necessary fuel pressure for other components in the engine and the fuel system to work properly.

If the fuel pump does not deliver that pressure, for example, the fuel injectors may not be able to deliver the right amount of fuel each cycle. This, in turn, causes the calculations in the ECM to be incorrect when compared to the actual engine output, leading to inefficiencies that waste fuel.

These issues can sometimes look like problems with sensors or with the exhaust system at first glance, which is why a full diagnostic via the car’s available diagnostic port is a great first step. You can get help with that from the same people you trust when you are shopping for a 2001 Ford Focus Fuel Pump – from $61.99+ | AutoZone.com.

Replace Your Fuel Filter On Time

Fuel pump longevity and performance are both linked to the performance of other fuel system components, especially your fuel filter. The filter ensures that sediment and other impurities that might have accumulated in the engine are stopped before they reach the fuel line. That means they get worn out over time and clogged with debris, so to keep your fuel pump and line clear, you’ll want to make sure you replace that filter on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.