A Kurdish Business Person Look Out For Jivan Mizuri

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Jivan Mizuri is a well-known Kurdish businessperson with global influence. He is a multilingual entrepreneur and has been in the international arena for over a decade. He is also fluent in five languages. He is a rising star in the world of international business. He hails from Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, Iraq.

The government does not publish many documents, but it does publish some of them. Generally, they mention Kurds, but the language is often euphemistic, and evidence of abuse can be hidden within a larger text. This makes it difficult for the public to identify the sources of the documents. Middle East Watch sifts through hundreds of pages of government documents and comes up with evidence that supports their findings.

In addition to examining government documents, the group reviews various reports and interviews with Kurds and their supporters. Occasionally, the evidence of abuse can be concealed within euphemistic text. Regardless of the language used, the documents provide a clear picture of what is happening in Iraqi Kurdistan. Several Kurdish business owners interviewed for this story emphasized their commitment to protecting the rights of their people.

The war against Iran began in 1980 when Iraq invaded Iran. Baghdad’s approach to the Kurds was transformed. It shifted its campaign against the Kurds to a more aggressive approach. The peshmerga began to take refuge in villages and offered refuge to Kurdish army deserters and draft dodgers. The liberated area grew into a vast area.