Is There Such A Thing As Posting Too Much On Social Media As A Business Owner?

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Social media posting: how much is too much?

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as posting too much on social media – and what’s more frustrating is that there’s such a thing as not posting nearly enough as well.

  • Post once a week and you’ll lose some connection with your audience.
  • Post three or four times a day and some people will be fed up with seeing you!

It’s all about balance.

It is widely agreed that posting once a day on social media is the ‘ideal’ number – but only if you can maintain a certain level of quality; which is where it gets difficult.

Without a social media content plan / calendar, keeping up with a high volume of exceptional content will be a struggle. This is typically when business owners end up burning out and start curating content almost exclusively or creating lazy posts with borrowed quotes.

Don’t choose frequency over quality. If it means posting only two or three times a week so you can have time to produce quality content, do so.

Posting for the sake of it and hitting a certain number is pointless. Most of your posts will have weak engagement and you’ll largely be wasting your time.

Find the right balance and make sure that every single post has purpose and is in line with your brand voice and you’ll have far greater results.

Why is a social media content calendar so important?

As briefly touched on already, having a social media content calendar can be incredibly useful – with a number of benefits:

  • Stay organised and remain on track.
  • A great way to brainstorm ideas for future posts.
  • Maintain your consistency.
  • Your audience will stay engaged.
  • Keep up-to-date with upcoming dates and events.
  • Visibility for all departments (keeps your teams aligned).
  • Put your strategy into play.
  • Track your performance.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to identify gaps in your content creation and fill them in with carefully curated content. It can also help you keep a handle on your content types and ensure that you have a healthy balance to keep things exciting for your audience.

What if you can’t commit to posting every day?

If you are unable to commit to creating content and posting daily – or at least two or three times a week – you should consider hiring the professionals. When executed well, social media marketing can be highly lucrative for small businesses. Failing to utilise it is wasteful. However, with a social media marketing agency in Dubai on the books, you can maintain a solid social posting schedule without having to deduct any of your precious time from your managerial duties.

The key takeaway from this article is that if you can’t commit to posting on social media with intention, don’t. Either hire an in-house social media marketing department (which can be very expensive) or outsource to a third-party agency. Either way, make sure the quality outweighs the quantity of content.