A Layman’s Guide to Automotive Design Courses

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Who doesn’t enjoy riding in cars, bikes, and other vehicles? A lot of people have a strong enthusiasm for cars and desire to live their passion. They want to see their concepts and creations come to life. Here, the relationship between engineering and design is established. People get tired easily, thus every company must innovate and continuously offering their clients brand-new, intriguing things. Every company must design and create products that will please its clients.

Some of the Primary Automotive Design Courses

A person can learn how to create and enhance the outside and interior of vehicles such as cars, bikes, buses, ships, lorries, etc. through an automotive design school. To improve the structures and accessories of automobiles, a number of specialists including Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, and Electrical or Product Designers collaborate. Take a look at some of the most well-liked automotive design programmes being provided by Indian colleges and institutions.

Undergraduate Programs

  1. A 4-year undergraduate programme is required to earn a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering. Students are taught how to design the entire vehicle and its connected systems in this course. Graduates in the automobile industry also learn and develop expertise in mechanical engineering, framework design, and management theories related to future mobility.
  2. The Bachelor of Vehicle Engineering programme equips students with in-depth knowledge of the engineering and scientific principles underlying automobile design. The design of vehicles including cars, trains, ships, yachts, etc. is covered in this subject.
  3. A bachelor’s degree in automotive performance engineering provides students with both academic and practical knowledge of the manufacturing and designing processes for various types of cars. High-level engineering performance skills and specialised motorsports knowledge are imparted in this course. It covers a wide range of topics, including data analysis, safety regulations, aerodynamics, performance optimization, and the overall design and manufacture of the vehicle.
  4. The Bachelor of Automotive Design is a degree programme offers students the chance to learn about the research and development of transportation systems. Live projects are included in the course so that students can obtain business and industrial experience. Students work for both small and large businesses, giving them the opportunity to gain specialised knowledge and practical experience that will benefit their future employment.
  5. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Automotive) is in which the main topics covered include the development, testing, and design of automobiles and the parts that go into them. It also entails modifying and enhancing the automobiles in accordance with consumer needs.

There are also master’s and post-graduation courses in Automotive Design Courses. They are:

  1. Master in Automotive Computing and Communication
  2. Master in Vehicle Engineering
  3. Master in Automation Engineering
  4. Master in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering

The top Institutes and places offering Automotive Design Courses are as follows:

Car Design Courses in Delhi

  • SGT University, Gurgaon
  • R. Mangalam University
  • UPES (Admission Office)
  • Symbiosis International University
  • World University of Design
  • Education Lanes – A Mahindra Group Initiative Courses

Best Automotive Design Courses in Hyderabad

  • Comet Technologies
  • Skill Lync
  • Shaven Business Development Company
  • HR Training
  • Krish Software Solutions
  • TIFT
  • Khushaali Institute of Fashion Designing


One of the most exclusive and sought-after industries is the automobile sector. New automotive and design demand and frenzy are at entirely new heights. Because of this, automakers are looking for ways to improve the aerodynamics and structural design of their vehicles. Automotive businesses want individuals who can channel their love of automobiles into designs for new items as well as the launch of their existing brands in order to achieve that. This is where the role of automotive design and engineering is relevant. By enrolling in an automobile design course, one can pursue their goals. In this post, you will learn about the different automotive design programmes available and how to become one.