Ontario semi-truck accident: Things worth knowing

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Commercial vehicles, especially trucks, semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers, are often responsible for the worst on-road mishaps in Ontario. Such accidents are not rare in California, and because the impact is such, injured passengers and pedestrians often don’t understand the complications. Hiring a semi accident attorney Ontario can help you get a fair settlement, and for your help, we have enlisted a few details that are worth knowing. 

Truck accidents are different. It is easy to investigate a mishap that involves two or more passenger vehicles. On the contrary, truck accidents are more complex, and it often takes accident reconstruction experts to determine how things happened. There could be many parties responsible for the same crash.
Hiring a lawyer has many benefits. Firstly, attorneys know how to find fault and liability, which is the first step in filing a claim. The trucking industry must adhere to state and federal regulations, which also adds to the confusion. An attorney can help put a dollar value to the case, and you can take a call on whether you want to pursue the claim.
You need an experienced attorney. Not all personal injury lawyers have experience handling truck accident cases, and therefore, it is best to do a background check before engaging an attorney. Find a lawyer who has worked on more significant matters and has fought legal battles against large corporations. Also, the lawyer must have trial experience.
You have to adhere to a deadline. The statute of limitations in California allows a time cap of two years to file truck accident lawsuits. The clock starts from the date of the mishap but doesn’t apply to insurance claims. If you are filing a claim with the applicable insurance company, you must do so at the earliest.
You could be entitled to a higher settlement. This often is the case with truck accidents, primarily because victims often suffer serious injuries. Also, the trucking company and other parties involved are expected to be more responsible. Talk to your lawyer about the worth of your claim.
Victims of truck accidents can also claim punitive damages in some cases. You can recover generic expenses, including the cost of current and future medical care, lost wages, and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Another fact worth knowing is the mandatory liability insurance that trucking companies must carry. Call a lawyer soon after the mishap and learn more about the legal process ahead.