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Turkey is known for a unique blend of oriental and European characteristics, ranging from traditional Turkish tea to the stately Aspendos (ΕΣΤϜΕΔΥΣ) and captivating landscape. The Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea encircle the country on three sides. Turkey has always been a popular tourist destination due to its exceptional climate, culture, and natural beauty, attracting an increasing number of visitors each year. Turkey provides several chances for professionals, students, and foreigners who have Turkish citizenship to come and invest in apartments in Antalya.

Why Buy Property in Antalya?

Antalya, Turkey’s gorgeous Mediterranean resort town and tourism center, has remarkable natural beauty, including amazing beaches, harbors, and mountains. Why should you buy an apartment in Antalya? Continue reading our real estate guide blog to find out the answer.

Purchasing an apartment in Antalya is a wonderful investment, with most properties providing a high annual income and some areas providing an especially high seasonal income.

Tolerance Homes has a large selection of affordable houses for sale in Turkey. On our website, you can find a wide range of property offers, including houses, studios, villas, and apartments in Antalya.

Is It a Good Investment to Buy a Property in Antalya?

After visiting this sunny country as visitors and enjoying its included’ hospitality, many individuals begin to explore purchasing real estate in Antalya. Many of them are looking for a good villa or apartment in Antalya near the sea where they may spend brief vacations many times a year. For some, the primary incentive for purchasing a home is the chance of getting Turkish citizenship in the future. Others perceive Turkish real estate to be a successful investment and want to rent it out or sell it to profit from the price difference.

Investing in Antalya Real Estate Is Attractive Due to its High Liquidity.

Apartments in residential complexes that provide a variety of services and are located in areas with well-developed infrastructure are in great demand all year. They are very appealing for resale. What’s more, several real estate firms provide purchase choices with guaranteed rent. For example, if you buy a very small flat in this manner, you can obtain a fixed rental income of 5000 – 6000 euros per year. And the agency will bear the whole burden of finding tenants and dealing with all of the associated concerns.

Purchasing an apartment in Antalya as an investment can rapidly multiply your savings.

Another essential factor is that Turkey is a highly dependable market. The country’s economy is characterized by steady growth, and it is one of the world’s twenty-largest economies. Real estate prices are also steadily rising. Those who purchased real estate in Turkey several years ago can now sell it for a considerably better price. The country’s real estate market is constantly expanding. Furthermore, Turkey is constructing a large number of new structures each year, including several luxury facilities offering high-end services.

Property Types and Areas in Antalya

Whether you are a real estate investor or a holiday home buyer, deciding to be in Antalya is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Because of the region’s rapid urbanization, property in Antalya is frequently new. Still, the city’s old districts add to the appeal of Antalya real estate. There is a large selection of apartments in Antalya for you to pick from. Below you will see some of the most beautiful districts in Antalya where buyers actively ask to buy property for investment in Antalya. Although they are all similar to each other, minor nuances between them can be a reason for preference.

Konyaalti, a waterfront town on the borders of Antalya’s city center, is gradually becoming an affluent neighborhood and a magnet for Antalya real estate, with easy ocean views, a marina, and a city center. Despite offering amazing lifestyle opportunities, apartments in Antalya at this location are reasonably priced.

Lara is another top location for both leisure and investment buyers due to its long seashores and luxurious lifestyle, as well as its close proximity to the city center; nonetheless, Lara has its own set of local amenities, such as schools, shopping malls, and entertainment venues. Lara is one of the areas in Antalya where the price of an apartment has long been at the top of the market.

Kemer, lying west of Antalya, is an ideal location for anyone seeking an apartment in Antalya, Turkey, who likes nature, as it is bordered by the magnificent Taurus mountains and beautiful fir trees. There is a wide variety of Antalya houses on the market here, as well as modern apartments in fantastic complexes with the best facilities, stunning private villas with large gardens and swimming pools, and old classic properties at discounted prices, though these may require some refurbishment to bring them up to date.

Alanya, while the center gets all of the attention from ex-pats looking to relocate to Antalya, don’t overlook Alanya’s growing influence in the far eastern extremity. Since the Gazipaşa Airport opened recently, it has been envisioned as a vacation and ex-pat destination with a diverse range of attractions. There are so many amenities close to home that there is no need to leave Alanya. The Avsallar region is good for budget-conscious buyers, while Tosmur and Kestel are popular with visitors. A few Alanya regions are worth exploring. Individuals looking for a beachside lifestyle might look into the neighborhoods of Konakli, Mahmutlar, and Cleopatra’s seashore.

2022 Cost of Property in Antalya

Constant concerns that real estate investors have: How are the prices of apartments in Antalya, Turkey? Is it worthwhile to invest in real estate? What about the pricing disparity between Antalya and other Turkish cities?

Antalya real estate also competes with other Turkish states in terms of infrastructure development, which is evident in its design and the new projects that Antalya and its other districts, such as the famed Konyaalti, feature.

We begin with a quick review of Antalya real estate pricing, followed by the investment value in Turkish real estate and the current average prices for the most important forms of real estate, which we compare to the most important Turkish cities.

Learn about the 2022 prices of apartments in Antalya, including the prices of, another real estate such as villas and land. Updated information was provided by the first real estate consultant in Turkey, Tolerance Homes.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Purchasing

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing real estate in Turkey is the ability to obtain a Turkish passport. Antalya is not only the Turkish Mediterranean’s hub; it is also a beautiful city with a thriving real estate industry. After 20 years of impeccable work, Tolerance Homes have been one of the leading real estate companies in Antalya.

People from many nationalities have purchased apartments in Antalya, as there are few limitations for foreign buyers.

Villas, flats for sale and rent, apartments in Antalya with sea views, and numerous real properties are available at Tolerance Homes. We have grown to be the premier online resource for real estate advice, and at, we try to assist individuals in finding their dream homes and real estate in Turkey and throughout the world. For more answers to the question of why you should buy an apartment in Antalya, you can contact Tolerance Homes now.

How Much Is Property Tax in Turkey?

In Turkey, property buyers must pay a property acquisition tax. Property taxes in Turkey are paid in stages. For example, when purchasing a home, buyers must pay a title deed conveyance tax. This tax is only paid once. The annual property tax, on the other hand, is paid twice a year, in May and November.

Property tax in Turkey is calculated as 4% of the property’s sale price.

Tolerance Homes provides extensive and complimentary pre-and post-sales services. We monitor the process, advise you through it, and handle legal processes on your behalf. Our specialists provide information on settling in and the responsibilities of home ownership in Turkey. We create a wish list for your ideal house. We pay attention to your requirements and expectations. Then, we arrange viewing trips to the top properties that match your requirements.