Keep your workplace and residence close – Alleviate Commuting hassles in Dubai

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With its stunning skyline and amazing infrastructure, Dubai can be pretty crazy on your way from home to work and back. But traffic jams at the wrong time can be a nightmare, spending most of the day behind slow-moving cars or even stuck in UAE stop-and-go traffic. Fortunately, public transportation is very convenient. Except for getting lost on the bus or subway once or twice, everything is systematically laid out so that really anyone can figure it out, but hey, is that the right way to learn? We released an app that allows you to plan your trip to and navigate in real time.

Whether you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah, everyone has experienced rush hour. Some world records have been broken! The fact that one has to start a journey early in the morning proves how exhausting it can be. When you finish work by 6:00, don’t forget how important the return journey is.

Office location is therefore an important factor. When people commute from far away, the last thing employers and employees want is to come to work frustrated and already tired. You should be aware of how many of your employees use public transportation to commute, or how many have their own car or plan to get a driver’s license. This helps you make the important decision that if most of your employees commute by subway or bus. For instance, having an office space in Dubai close to a subway station is ideal. Subway stations are usually a 5-10 minute walk from the office. Also, if the office is close to a subway station, employees can always take the subway and park nearby to commute, making it easier and cheaper. Barring major technical glitches, which one rarely hears about on the metro or buses in Dubai, these two modes of transport are the most reliable and dependable for most commuters, he said. If most of your employees commute by bus or subway, it makes no sense to use his space in an office with 5-7 parking spaces.

Additionally, commuting time is directly linked to employees and workers’ health and wellbeing, as it creates a very balanced lifestyle by getting much-needed time for both personal and work lives. Getting adequate time for various aspects of your personal life creates self fulfillment and induce creativity, which in turn reflects on the quality of the work and dedication.

This is one of the main reasons, backed up by the pandemic outburst, behind the popularity of the new work environment, the relatively newly introduced term, “hybrid model”. This has been, in the past 2 years, the case for many firms and event multinational corporations.

After all, it’s all about research. We know your business well, but we know people better because they are the essence of your business and the essence of its success!

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