Commercial and Industrial Roofing contractors in Edmonton

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Your work depends on a reliable commercial or industrial roof you choose for your people and asset to be secured from the elements of nature and other environmental threats. It is just as essential to have a roof on your commercial or industrial property as over your home. Roofing contractors can often earn a lousy service reputation by cutting down quality to limit costs or offering bad service. Here are a few things to consider when choosing quality commercial and industrial Edmonton metal roof contractors:

  • Assess the insurance policy of the roofing company

There are significant risks involved when you have someone working on your building top, which is why it is essential to check the insurance policy of the roofing contractors before hiring. A contractor who doesn’t have insurance doesn’t just cut corners but also puts them as a liability.

And more importantly, when it is commercial or industrial roofing, you have more people around you, so if any accident occurs and the contractor doesn’t have insurance, it means you have a lawsuit for yourself and your business.

Any roofing contractor you work with should have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Make sure you ask the representative for a copy of their insurance certificate to ensure they’re licensed and bonded to work on a property. It is a significant step and can save you headaches, money, and lawsuit if any mishap occurs.

  • Look at their extended warranty option

A good roofing contractor would want to get the job done perfectly and deliver a long-lasting roof offering true peace of mind through extended warranty options. If your contractor is not showing that, ask their reasons.

A contractor may not offer warranties because they may offer poor quality work or use inferior material. You shouldn’t choose someone who doesn’t back their work.

An ideal commercial or industrial roofing contractor should offer an extended warranty of 15-20 years, depending on the weather condition and locality.

  • Check the experience of the contractor

Proper installation of a roof is beyond the general contractor’s expertise, especially when it comes to industrial and commercial roofs. There are too many considerations in the installation of commercial and industrial roofs. Hiring someone who doesn’t have experience can cost you more in the end.

Hence, it is essential to read about their experience and look at their portfolio. A reliable contractor will have great examples of their work and will be happy to show you.

  • Go through their online reviews

It is essential to choose a contractor who meets your expectations. Hence, you should check their testimonials and reviews from past clients. It will help you know if they are the right choice for you. Check their reviews on Google, Facebook, and review websites or forums. Remember that one bad review doesn’t mean the contractor is terrible. Find out how they treat their clients and follow up.

Now that you know how to select an excellent commercial or industrial roofing contractor, look no further and choose AMT Roofing for your needs. Trust these professionals and get a free roof inspection and estimate.