Glowing Christmas Wreath Decorations for Inside and Out

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If you asked us what our favorite part of Christmas time was, we’d tell you to it’s putting up holiday decorations anywhere and everywhere. But, of course, it’s because we run a family farm business, Lynch Creek Farm, that prides itself on creating some of the most high-quality and eco-friendly Christmas decors that dazzle guests each year.

We love sharing our farm creations with the world and showing everyone how easy it is to add holiday decor to your home with our pine cone wreaths and holiday wreaths that include warm white lights, Christmas trees, door decorations with Christmas lights, red berry multi-color Christmas garlands, swags, and centerpieces.

Holiday Decor for Many Seasons and Celebrations

We love to create so many gorgeous holiday decor wreaths that we not only offer wreaths for the holiday season, we also offer seasonal wreaths that are perfect for spring and summertime as well as wreaths for outdoor use, and berry wreaths that help you celebrate changing temperatures throughout the year and even your furry friends. Some of our wreaths come pre-lit to add extra light to your decoration, while others are simpler and come unlit so that you can match your specific tone or go DIY and create the glow you’re looking for.

Christmas Wreaths with Beautiful Natural Elements

Each year, our Christmas wreaths light up many homes, and we work hard to ensure that those precious holiday decorations are created by hand and only include natural and high-quality materials. We like to use some of the added pieces from nature, like noble fir, red and white berries, incense cedar, holly and pinecones, and pine needles. Then, of course, once we add these elements in, we go in and create even more magic with clear lights and led lights, red bows, ball ornaments, and snowflakes and powder for a snow effect.

Outdoor Uses for Christmas Wreaths

The best part about our Christmas wreath selection is where you can choose to hang it. We love that our customers adorn their homes and living rooms with wreaths as wall decor or hanging by the kitchen on wreath hangers. Still, we encourage everyone to find ways for them to be used outdoors as well, such as on the front door as a door wreath or door decor, on your favorite tree right outside your home, or even on the mailbox to greet guests driving in. There are many uses for our outdoor Christmas wreaths, and the best part is they last anywhere from 4-6 weeks outdoors with proper care.

We’re not only proud of the hardworking staff here and their passion for helping to bring the Christmas cheer inside your homes, but we also work hard to source our home decor as ethically as we can. Unlike on Amazon, Etsy, or Wayfair, at Lynch Creek Farm, we make sure we’re maintaining the land we harvest from. We don’t cut our trees but instead work with branches and branch tips to create our beautiful greenery Christmas decoration pieces. We value our products and want to make sure your Xmas decorations are as bright and full of life as the season itself.