How do you shorten a URL?

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URL Shortening is a technique that makes a long Uniform Resource Locator shorter while still directing a visitor to the desired page. It works by redirecting a visitor to a short URL that links to the long URL. In the example below, we’ll look at Clkim, TinyURL, and Rebrandly. Each one offers a different URL shortening service. We recommend using one of these services or all of them at once.


If you are looking for a service that can help you ย่อลิงค์ you’re URLs, then zumroad URL shortening may be your best choice. This service is operated by Lumis EIP Tecnologia da Informao LTDA. It is simple to use and allows you to create URLs that are only a few characters long. You can use this service to share your short URLs with others, including through email or sms.

While the service is free, you can opt to upgrade to the paid plan if you want to track key metrics and analytics. In addition to shortened URLs, you can also have branded domains and track the performance of your links. However, there is a 14-day free trial period, so if you’re not sure if zumroad is right for you, start by using their free service.


If you’re looking for a URL shortening service that can make your links more branded, Rebrandly is an excellent choice. The service allows you to customize your links by selecting a domain and slash tag. Other features include adding notes and tags, traffic routing, and retargeting scripts. The service can also be used to create custom links for your website or social media pages. To use Rebrandly, sign up for an account and get started.

Rebrandly is a เว็บย่อลิงค์ platform that helps businesses brand their links and track performance metrics. It offers free and paid plans, with a free plan offering 5,000 tracked clicks. The premium plan offers up to 150,000 branded links, up to 20 custom domains, and unlimited email addresses. You can also build SMS with the free version. This service is ideal for small businesses and brands, as it can integrate easily with a variety of applications.


For marketing teams, Clkim URL shortening is a powerful tool to increase click-through rates. With its robust analytics and ad serving tools, Clkim enables users to track and manage their links in real time, ensuring that they’re getting the best return on investment. Its Chrome Extension lets users shorten and customize their links without having to leave the website. The service is also GDPR compliant and allows users to track their links across various channels.

For affiliate marketers and bloggers, Clkim’s free trial period makes it a great choice. The service has several monetization features, including the ability to redirect visitors to a localized destination. Clkim has an automation tool to automatically shorten links for you. Another option is TinyURL, which works only with actual URLs. Both services include a preview feature and a toolbar button. The free version of Clkim is great for affiliate marketers and bloggers who only need a short link.


Hootsuite URL shortening is an integral part of social media management software. It lets you manage your social media accounts from one single dashboard, track important conversations, and schedule messages. In addition to allowing you to shorten URLs, Hootsuite URL shortening is free for Hootsuite users. Owly has recently become an integral part of Hootsuite’s dashboard.

Owly is another URL shortener for Hootsuite, and it offers customizable links, link tracking, and custom parameters. It also doesn’t affect SEO. Owly is included with all Hootsuite plans. You can customize your links with this service, but keep in mind that you should keep your links short, and make sure that the link is easily identifiable. Hootsuite also offers advanced reporting tools, which you can use to measure the impact of your campaigns.


The T2M Short URL tool has many features. This service allows you to create custom QR codes and password-protected shortened URLs. In addition, it offers detailed analytics reports and helps you organize your URLs into campaigns. Other features include bulk-generating short URLs, custom base domains, and custom redirects for 404 short URLs. It also lets you track your links with custom tracking.


T2M is a cloud-based URL shortening service. Its powerful technology lets businesses create customized short URLs with custom domains and track clicks on these URLs. This service also offers countless personalized domains, vanity URLs, and branded URLs, as well as dedicated support. Among other features, T2M also features unlimited clicks and branded QR codes. In addition to its powerful analytics, it offers daily, monthly, and yearly reporting, allowing users to understand their campaigns’ performance.