How much is it to build a custom detached garage in Calgary?

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A garage is not just a place to park your vehicles. It can be your home, workspace, work-from-home office, or a place to store your essentials. A well-built garage can significantly enhance your home’s value, so you should learn how to develop one and what it will cost. There’s a lot to consider when adding your custom detached garage cost in Calgary, so let’s share your options.

The cost of a garage in Calgary, Alberta, ranges from $21000 to $1500,000. Usually, people spend $20000 to $50,000 on their garage building project. The price depends on the garage build, the material used, and whether it is an attached or detached garage.

Cost of building a two-car garage

The average cost of a two-car garage measuring 24 x24 feet is priced at $28000 for an attached garage and $49000 for a detached garage.

The cost ranges from $55 to 70 sq. ft. to build an attached garage on a property and $65 to 75 sq. ft. for a detailed garage.

The price of installation for usual garage sizes in Calgary includes the following:

  • Single-car garage (24 by 24 ft.) – $42000 for detached garage
  • Three-car garage (40 by 30 ft.)- $79000 for detached garage
  • Four-car garage (48 by 30 ft.)- $94000 for detached garage

Expenses involved in a custom detached garage

With garage customization, the expenses can go as high as $70 per sq. ft. or an average of $25000 to $65000 for a two-car garage.

By detached, we mean a single, stand-alone property. Some factors which add to the cost are size, labor, and material and project scope:

  • Excavation and preparation of the site: It may take around $2200 to $5000. It is essential to level the ground to prepare a safe and robust foundation for your garage. The cost depends on the amount of earth needed for excavation and removal from the location.
  • Foundation: The foundation consists of concrete footings, frost walls, and a slab. A damp-proof coating to keep the moisture away can cost $4 to $7 per sq. ft. If you choose waterproof coating, the price ranges from $6 to 11 per sq. ft.
  • Framing and roofing: Beam system and roof trusses in the wall also add to the cost. While roof trusses are priced around $7 to $10 per sq. ft., wood frame materials are priced at $5 to $8 per sq. ft. the labor for this charge is $35 to $50 per hour.
  • Roofing material. If you choose asphalt shingles, the average cost ranges from $160 to 600 per square.
  • Siding: The siding is priced at $9 per sq. ft., and vinyl siding is priced at $2 -$4 per sq. ft, while fiber cement is tagged at $2 to $6 per sq. ft.
  • Trim: Basic trim costs $3 to $5 per linear foot. And for custom trim, it is $12 to $12 per linear foot.
  • A standard vinyl window costs $500 to $800, along with labor expenses.
  • Doors: The average price for a basic steel door ranges from $300 to $1200, and overhead garage doors are priced from $1500 to $2400.
  • Utilities: Electricians take around $80 to $100 per hour and usually spend about 4 hours per project.
  • Building contractors take 15to 20% of the build to supervise the task.

These are the individual costs of building a garage. You can go for garage package prices in Calgary to manage your expenses in a budget-friendly way.