How to Future Proof Your Home

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It is a fact that the homes of today have an increasingly sophisticated range of technology in them. Home tech can effectively make home life more efficient and more comfortable with a range of labour-saving devices. Smart fridges can allow access to the internet whilst storing food and robotic vacuum cleaners can keep a home clean without any human intervention, simply needing to be programmed when and where to clean. In 2022, the amount of tech that is available for home use can seem a little bewildering at times. However, it is important to realize that this technology should serve to make living at home easier, not more complicated. In this article, three pieces of technology will be discussed that are future-proof, as they will offer many years of valuable service, whilst making home life more efficient and enjoyable.

Invest in a High-Quality Laptop

As most tech experts know, it is a false economy to buy a cheap laptop. Put simply, buying a budget machine means that the components, such as the CPU and memory, will be to a lower specification and will not stand the test of time. As computer applications progress, they tend to require increased system requirements and, as such, a lower spec machine will no longer be able to run certain programs in a relatively short period. It makes far more sense to choose a high-quality, well-equipped machine, such as those found in the range at Such laptops use the latest processors that make streaming box sets an absolute breeze and will easily cope with more demanding applications, such as playing the latest generation of PC games. Invest in a high-quality laptop and you will benefit from a machine with a much longer useful life than a budget machine.

Consider Solar Panels

In 2022, there is a growing understanding of the challenges that climate change and global warming pose. In addition, this year has seen the cost of home energy dramatically increase in many countries across the developed world because of the war in Ukraine. Many experts predict that this situation of rising fuel bills is the beginning of an energy crisis that may lead to millions of people being in fuel poverty this winter. Solar panels, therefore, represent a way to produce clean and renewable sources of energy at home, whilst reducing the reliance on conventional fossil fuel sources and rising energy tariffs. The construction of modern solar panels is such that the useful life of them is between 25 and 30 years.

LED Lighting

It is a surprising fact that many homes still use old-fashioned filament bulbs to light rooms and hallways. Filament bulbs are exceptionally inefficient when compared to modern variants of the lightbulb, as a large proportion of the energy used is lost as heat, rather than being used as light. Today’s range of LED bulbs can last for up to 50,000 hours of use, which makes them far more long-lasting than conventional bulbs. In addition, most of the energy used is transformed into light, making them a far more energy efficient choice. In short, replacing old household bulbs with LED models can save on energy bills and last several years longer, making them an excellent option for futureproofing the home.