ITop VPN is a free VPN for Windows

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If you’re looking for a free VPN gratis for Windows that can provide you with excellent protection, iTop VPN is a solid choice. This VPN service is very simple to install and configure. Just run the executable installer to begin the process, and follow the Windows-based prompts to complete the installation. Once you’re ready to use the VPN, log in using your credentials from the bottom-left corner of your screen.

The iTop VPN program is available for Windows and Mac. It offers over 1,800 servers in 100 locations around the world. It’s free to download and install, and offers a trial of up to five devices. You can upgrade to a premium account if you wish. Once you’re ready, you can sign in using your account information and choose a server location.

It blocks malicious ads

ITop VPN is a free VPN for Windows that uses minimal system resources. It requires only 300 MB of free disk space and 1024×768 screen resolution to run on a PC. It also comes with Android and iOS applications. It’s licensed under the 2022 iTech Post.

The service’s servers are in Hong Kong, which is a semi-autonomous territory. Unlike many other VPN providers, iTop VPN doesn’t store any user-related logs. It uses a custom protocol to encrypt data and send it over a proxy connection.

It has a kill switch

A kill switch is a feature that disables your internet connection in the event of a network failure or outage. This feature helps you keep your privacy while browsing websites or watching videos. It also helps to protect your real IP address by encrypting DNS traffic.

Another killer feature of iTop VPN is its Ads Blocker, which blocks unwanted online ads. It also helps you prevent phishing websites. It also provides a privacy trace cleaner, which cleans up the trace of your online activity to protect your private information from hackers. ITop VPN offers a free data allowance of 700 megabytes per day, which is sufficient for most internet users.

It has over 1800 servers

ITop VPN has over 1800 servers and has one-click connections to specific regions. This means you can watch Netflix, for example, which has content restricted to specific countries. The software also enables you to connect to your favorite websites, such as Twitter. The software works across multiple operating systems and offers over 100 locations.

ITop VPN is free to use, but it has many limitations. It does not support most routers. It also doesn’t copy practice of selling extra slots. If you want to connect to more than one server, you will need to purchase additional subscriptions. But it does offer an Instant Connect feature that connects you to the fastest and most stable server instantly. This feature is available in both the Windows and Android apps. The app will also mask your location using a virtual IP address.

It has an ad-blocker

If you’re looking for a Windows VPN that blocks advertisements, you’ve come to the right place. ITop VPN has a built-in ad-blocker to protect your privacy. While ad-blockers can prevent companies from tracking you, they do not protect your personal data from being collected and sold. The program also has a “kill switch” that disables all traffic once the VPN service is disconnected. This helps prevent information from being leaked or stolen. Other security features include DNS Protection, which prevents your DNS settings from being changed, and Security Reinforce, which blocks potentially dangerous applications.

ITop VPN is a free VPN for Windows

ITop VPN also offers a free plan, which offers basic services. However, this plan only gives you access to a small number of servers and speeds, and has a single virtual location. Furthermore, you can’t unblock geo-locked streaming services with the free app. The downside to this plan is that you’ll also have to deal with plenty of ads, both on Android and Windows.