Symmetrical Speeds 101

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Your internet speeds make up your online experiences. While most tasks require high download speeds, some may ask for just as high upload speeds. As a result, many internet providers advertise their plans by pushing download speeds as their selling point. However, some providers offer plans with upload speeds that are just as fast as their download speeds, known as symmetrical speeds.

Symmetrical speeds are most commonly found in fiber internet plans. High upload speeds may come in handy while hosting video conferences, live streaming on social media, and sharing large files on the cloud. Even when you search anything on Google, it counts as uploading data over the internet as it takes up your upload speed.

Which Internet Providers Offer Symmetrical Speeds?

Most fiber internet providers offer symmetrical speeds to facilitate online tasks that require high upload and download speeds. These speeds allow users to play, stream, and surf as much as they want without worrying about internet slowdowns. Unlike cable internet, fiber uses fiber-optic cables to carry signals to your device, which can’t be disrupted by any physical obstructions. In addition, fiber provides a secure and reliable connection with little to no latency or lag. Therefore, it is best for gamers who need an uninterrupted internet connection, even if multiple users are connected to the same network to perform speed-intensive tasks simultaneously.

Windstream and AT&T Fiber are known to provide ultrafast speeds without imposing data caps. This means that you will not get overage fees in your internet plans if you exceed your monthly data allowance.

Here are some of the best fiber internet plans for your household:

Plan Price Maximum Upload Speed Data Caps Maximum Download Speed Best For


$55.00 per month plus taxes 300 Mbps None 300 Mbps ·        Connecting multiple devices simultaneously

·        Working from home

·        Streaming in HD

·        Sharing large media files

·        Playing online games

·        Virtual learning


500 =

$65.00 per month plus taxes 500 Mbps None 500 Mbps ·        Working from home

·        Hosting video meetings

·        Binge-watching movies and TV shows on streaming services

·        Uploading and downloading large files quickly

·        Simultaneously connects multiple devices and users to the same network

·        Attending online classes



$80.00 per month plus taxes 1 GIG None 1 GIG ·        Connected homes

·        Running home offices

·        Professional gaming with minimal lag


Do I Need Symmetrical Speeds?

With a symmetrical internet connection, if you are signing up for 300 Mbps speeds, then you will get up to 300 Mbps of both, upload and download speeds. Such high speeds are suitable for those who work from home, play competitive online games, host video chats, upload content on YouTube or Instagram, and use bandwidth-intensive software every day.

If you are wondering whether you should sign up for symmetrical speeds or not, you need to evaluate your online activities. Most everyday tasks require higher download speeds, compared to upload speeds. However, your upload speeds are as crucial as your download speeds for various purposes.

For example, if you want an internet connection for streaming movies and TV shows in HD, downloading large files, or checking your social media accounts, then your work is dependent on your download speeds.

On the other hand, if your job requires you to search online, upload large files to the cloud, or perform VoIP calls, then you need higher upload speeds.

Here are some of the most common online activities that require symmetrical speeds:

  • Hosting or attending video meetings or conferences on Zoom or Skype
  • VR and AR gaming
  • Uploading videos and photos on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram
  • Live streaming on social media
  • Sharing heavy files on the cloud

Can I Get Fiber Internet at Affordable Prices?

Yes, Windstream Internet offers monthly internet plans at prices that are much lower than most fiber internet plans in the US. Starting from $37.00 per month, new customers can subscribe to it without signing any annual contracts. In addition, it offers upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gbps without any data caps. You can choose between 400 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gbps internet plans, depending on your speed needs.

Wrapping Up

With symmetrical speeds, your download and upload speeds are equal, which makes it ideal for medium to large households with multiple users on the same network. You can perform any uploading or downloading activity without worrying about data caps. So, before signing up for symmetrical speeds, see if your online work requires them or not.