Thrasio Secures Further Funding and Appoints a Senior Executive to Steward Its Scaling Strategy

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A new generation of consumer goods companies is revolutionizing how some of the most beloved products in the world can be made accessible to everyone.

On Tuesday, Thrasio, a US-based e-commerce worddocx business which purchases and manages profitable third-party Amazon sellers, announced it had secured additional funding and appointed Bill Wafford as its chief financial officer with plans of going public in the near future. With these moves, the firm plans to double its current operations within one year and ramp up for public listing consideration.

Established in 2018 by Carlos Cashman and hdxwallpaper Josh Silberstein, Thrasio has rapidly grown into one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses. Currently, they own or control more than 100 brands and 15,000 products that sell on Amazon’s Marketplace.

Thrasio has recently acquired several high-quality niche brands to expand its brand portfolio and global footprint. These acquisitions include telesup Lifelong Online, Wise Owl Outfitters, SafeRest, and Yardline.

The company recently acquired Mayfair, an eCommerce brand dedicated to home health and wellness. Its product lineup includes the Vybe Percussion happn deep tissue massage gun, Circadian Optics bright light therapy lamps, and Sdara Skincare skincare items.

Since its founding, it has experienced exponential growth; selling over 15k products across North America, Europe and China. Forecasts roobytalk indicate the company will double its revenue in 2021 and reach a billion-dollar valuation by the end of 2022.

Thrasio is a forward-thinking aggregator, acquiring top-selling FBA businesses and consolidating them under one brand. The company employs multiple strategies for brand transformation, sales growth, and distribution.

Thrasio’s model is designed to transform brands into successful, recognizable, scalable enterprises with immense growth potential. This strategy has proven successful; many of its Amazon native brands tripled their profitability within the first year under management.

Thrasio prioritizes buying brands that generate at least $1 million in annual sales and boast a healthy profit margin. Furthermore, it looks for companies with an existing product offering, as well as those with an established market presence and stellar brand reputations.

Once an owner submits a request for information, our team responds within five business days with a letter of intent to determine if their business is suitable. If so, the acquisition process begins, including full due-diligence and profit/loss analysis.

Businesses selling to Thrasio are paid 2.5 to 4.5 times their yearly earnings. That means those making $1 million a year would receive an payout of $2.5 million from the deal.

Sellers can reach out to Thrasio through its website to begin negotiations. Once the deal is finalized, business owners can exit their operation and focus on other aspects of life.

Thrasio offers an efficient acquisition process that is completed in less than 45 days, making it the ideal option for sellers looking to exit their business at the perfect time. Its team of experts will assist you with creating a smooth transition, helping restructure your company and make it more profitable in the future.