Tips for choosing the right basement waterproofing solution

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You don’t have one solution for all homes in Toronto to keep your basement moisture-free. Every house looks for a customized kind of basement waterproofing method. To make a good decision on basement waterproofing, it is essential to choose a professional with expertise in basement waterproofing.

The success of the process depends on the solution used, the contractor’s expertise, and the quality of the products. Given the tough competition, here are some tips to help you choose the right basement waterproofing solution for your basement.

  • Know the severity of the damage

A significant factor to consider when selecting a basement waterproofing technique is the damage severity in the foundation. There are several signs showing moisture problems in the basement.

Formation of puddles, stains on the wall, musty odor, cracks in the wall, and damp spots are some common signs. The next step is to know the cause of the moisture. The remedial process should be based on the moisture source.

  • Understand your possible options

There are three options for basement waterproofing solutions- a temporary repair, a permanent fix, and a combination.

Crack injections, waterproof layering, and sump pump replacement are temporary fixes that can be done efficiently without hurting your budget. However, they are temporary fixes. If you want a long-term solution, you should go for external waterproofing, drain pump installation, etc.

  • Level of disturbance in the house

Some methods used in basement waterproofing can disturb your home. For example, exterior waterproofing needs excavation work.

Think if excavation can impact your daily household work. It may also affect your car parking. You should consider these aspects before going for the waterproofing solution.

  • How much time will the waterproofing project take?

On average, external basement waterproofing takes around one to four days. Working with professionals who use advanced technology can speed up the process. Consider the time you can allot for the waterproofing and then go for it.

  • Interior or exterior waterproofing system: which is better?

Going for both methods will help keep your basement water-free for a long time. Both methods need less maintenance. However, it depends on the damage and type of protection your property needs. Consider these aspects, and then you can pick on the waterproofing system you want.

  • The cost

Cost is also an essential factor when choosing the basement waterproofing technique. If the problem can be repaired, you should go for it.

However, if it is a severe issue, which will destroy your property in the future, then it is vital to make a long-term investment and go for it.

  • How do you want to use the basement later?

Question yourself about how functional you want to make your basement. It is also a factor in helping you choose the proper basement waterproofing technique.

You can transform your basement into a gym, room, or office space. However, your goal is to have a dry basement even if you don’t use it for such purposes. Think about your plan, and then pick the solution to treat your basement moisture.

Is basement waterproofing worth it?

Considering so many benefits, it is agreeable that basement waterproofing is worth it. However, it is essential to get it done by professionals to reap its benefits. Waterproofing PD gives you the best results at affordable rates in the shortest duration.