Tools That You Need To Level Up Your Productivity

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Are you looking for a tool to increase the efficiency and productivity of your team? You are at the right place. We are here with a different set of tools that almost every company now uses to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their team. To process activities faster and better, you do not need hard work, but smart work. Working with the best-designed tools will give you a unique experience and will help you grow individually too. 


PDFSimpli is the tool that is often preferred by companies to edit PDF online. It can help to maximize the productivity of your team by providing unlimited access to PDF tools. Moreover, PDFSimpli is an excellent PDF editor which includes the conversion of PDF files into different formats, merging, splitting, rotating, compressing, and editing. 


This tool allows you to keep all your team in one place virtually. It has the feature to chat, schedule, and manage multiple groups and channels. Slack has become the central platform for communication in various companies. It supports document sharing, and big file sharing, and has a searchable history. 


This is another best tool that you can use to organize and manage things properly. It is an all-in-one project management tool that increases the accountability and effectiveness of employees. It keeps the entire team at the same page and improves collaborations. By using this tool, you can easily assign tasks to individuals, upload files and documents easily, and have better control over your team.  

Google Docs 

Google Docs allows you to create, write, edit and collaborate easily. You can give access to different people to make any necessary edits. It is accessible to Android, iOS, and Windows. This tool is a smart editing tool, where you can choose a variety of font styles, colours, etc. You can create reports, proposals, pre-made documents, pitches, etc. 


nTask is an inclusive project management and task management tool, which creates a centralised platform for all business activities. It ensures that the report status, project progress, and everything is visualised and reported to the upper management. It includes time tracking, employee timesheets, to-do lists, etc. This meeting tool has the feature to create meeting agendas, schedule times, follow-up action plans and discussion points. 


We all know increasing productivity is a very essential part of any business. Using advanced tools like the above-mentioned list can be a good choice. All these tools will boost your team’s efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. 

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