Top 10 Emerging Internet Shopping Locations in Pakistan

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With the rise of e-commerce in Pakistan, the online market has exploded. However, not all of the online shopping malls in Pakistan have been successful. The following list of the top 10 emergence internet shopping locations in the country offers a more comprehensive list. In addition to these, the list includes local stores that sell locally-produced goods. The most popular of these online shopping malls in Pakistan are listed below.

Despite the high cost of shipping, Internet shopping in Pakistan is still an excellent way to buy local products. There are hundreds of online retailers in Pakistan, and the growth of smartphones has led to a shift in customer behavior. Currently, only 25 percent of the population has access to the internet, but this figure is expected to increase to one billion by 2021, according to experts. Among the leading e-commerce sites in the country are Amazon and eBay, which began operating globally in 1995.

Despite these challenges, Pakistani internet shoppers have grown confidently since the arrival of smartphones and tablets. The country is expected to see a two-fold increase in e-commerce sales in the next few years, with experts projecting that the market could reach 1 billion dollars by 2021. While the number of internet users in Pakistan remains low compared to the numbers in developed countries, the growth in online shopping in Pakistan is rapidly increasing.