Website Design Costs in India in 2023

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Your company’s website serves as its public face. While the web development costs could really take up a substantial portion of your budget, this isn’t a place you should skimp. The costs you incur will eventually pay for themselves multiple times over, but only when the website you create actually answers visitors’ questions, loads quickly, is straightforward to use, and stands apart from the competition.

If you like to know the basics of building a website, check out this website development guide.

However, building it yourself isn’t the only choice. There are numerous web development companies to choose from, each with its own pricing model. When selecting developers, you should prioritize expertise. Choose a company with a history of assisting global businesses and the necessary experience building a broad range of websites. Look for an excellent portfolio as well as positive customer feedback. Hiring a good web developer truly outweighs the costs, allowing you to focus on business growth and sales.

What Determines the Cost of a Website?

The fees that a website design company will charge you will primarily be determined by the level of skills necessary and the number of hours they must devote to your website. Here are the main factors that will determine how much money you will spend in the end.

1. Pages in the Site

The number of pages is a major factor in determining the cost of your website. This will be determined by your company’s needs and the amount of data you want to offer your viewers. It is also important to remember that having multiple languages will increase the overall cost of your website. If you want your website to be in numerous languages, not only must each page be in your chosen languages, but your site should also be able to recognize the viewer’s location and select the appropriate language for them.

2. Website Features

The functionalities and features you want to include in your website will determine the expenses for it. They can range from simple to complex, requiring adequate coding skills and knowledge. Image galleries and sliders, testimonials, online payment, report generation – there is no shortage of features that can be included in your website, and the ones that are appropriate for you will be determined by your business requirements.

3. The CMS Required

CMS platforms are almost always used in modern website development. Content Management Systems (CMS) make it incredibly easy to manage your website, upgrade & edit it, add and remove content, etc. Furthermore, not all CMS platforms are free. Of course, there are excellent open-source alternatives such as WordPress, Joomla, and OpenCart. However, there are a few equally good paid options that occasionally include self-hosting solutions, like Shopify and Wix.

Not all CMS platforms are the best choices for some specific kinds of websites either. If you’re looking to build a business or a portfolio website, you could use WordPress. However, if you’re looking to build a full-fledged marketplace, you’ll probably be better off with Magento or Shopify. Your chosen developers can help you choose the best CMS platform for your business’s specific requirements.

4. Plugins & Themes

Following the selection of a good CMS, you must select the themes and plugins for it, which will determine how the website looks, how smoothly it fits into mobile devices, and what features and functionality it provides. Many of these aren’t free, and the ones that usually make your website richer, more engaging, and much easier to customize.

5. Hosting

You’ll need a suitable hosting solution to publish your website on the internet. The decision you make here will be heavily influenced by the size of your site, the quantity of traffic you anticipate, and the type of data it stores. When making your selection, look for hosting providers with a great reputation, low downtime, and a track record of providing excellent service across multiple sites.

Price Chart

Here are some of the prices you can expect for web development in India. It is difficult to pin the exact price of dynamic websites, since they involve the constant generation of new pages.

Type Features Price
Business Website for Startups –       WordPress CMS

–       5-10 pages

–       Integrated Social Media Options

–       SEO Optimization

–       Contact Form

–       Google Maps


INR 15,000 – 20,000
Business websites for Medium Sized Businesses or Full Enterprises –       15 or more pages

–       WordPress CMS

–       Image Galleries and Sliders

–       Blog

–       Testimonials

–       Newsletter Subscription Options

–       Social Media Integration

And more.


INR 25,000 – 35,000
Product Catalog Web Application –       Dynamic Website

–       Customizable Database of Product Parameters

–       Product Catalog management options, for editing and updating descriptions and images

–       Full dynamic gallery showcasing products

–       Individual product information pages


INR 30,000 onwards
Full-fledged Shopping Cart Web Application –       Dynamic eCommerce Website

–       WooCommerce/OpenCart/Magento/Shopify

–       Inventory Management

–       Shopping Cart Management

–       Shipping Integration

–       Payment Gateway & Streamlined Checkout

–       User Profile Creation

–       Advanced Search & Filter  Options

–       Order Tracking Options

–       Extra security

–       Product Catalog management options, for editing and updating descriptions and images


INR 50,000 onwards
Custom Web Application Built with Node/PHP and Angular/React/Vue or others The exact cost of a custom web application will depend on the specifications, requirements, and size of the application



By now, you have an idea of the kind of costs you will incur for a variety of different kinds of websites. Additionally, you may even wish to hire a dedicated developer/team of developers for your own project. In India, you can hire such developers on a monthly basis if you wish. In such cases, depending upon the technology required, the price generally ranges from INR 75,000 onwards. You can check here for a more detailed website development price list. Make sure you compare the prices of multiple companies (besides their quality and portfolio) to get the best deal for yourself.